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Energy Updates

Written by: James Olsen

1. The grid has to go down to collapse this timeline. (When I say "grid," I mean the energetic one connecting everything. This timespace matrix.)

2. We came to collapse this timeline. It has to happen to shift. You can not shift without disconnecting from the web you're connected to.

3. We're already pretty far along and the mission *is succeeding.* It is going as planned. By us. Our side is ahead.

Why? Because

4. Our merkabas are up, and if you're not feeling some kind of rise, you may want to meditate on your energy field and watch youtube videos about about merkabas.

5. The space inside the merkaba is what we call "the zero point." In order to be safe when a grid collapses, you have to be in the zero point, disconnected from the grid. Have you felt disconnected? You have been. By design. By the way, your merkaba tends to be *about 6 feet around your body.* In order to be in a Zero Point State, you have to release energy ties with everyone and everything, including your favorite soul connections, and to be in a state of nonattachment to outcome. An infant in the womb. If you have been separated from people- The people you are meant to be with and build with will be safe in their own zero points. If you are and they are part of your team, they are. That is how we make it. Reunions will happen after. Although you may have partners around you working with energy and time with you. That is who is supposed to do this part of this job with you.

6. We are being moved. By our higher selves but we have a lot of help. we have a lot of guides. The grid is down. The 3D collapsing timeline isn't even able to disguise that the grid is down anymore. We are going to come back online, but it will be a different frequency grid. We're creating it.

7. You will either be creating miracles or dumbfounded watching them happen. This is a conscious choice to die and go to heaven by the masses. Except this time- to not die. To just ride your merkaba ship alive, awake,, conscious to the highest timeline. The old one has already collapsed. We are weaving together the new one. We will all come back online. This is the end of time. This is immortality.

8. Not everyone is going to make it and there is a war about that right now. The war is not what you think it is. It is ANY of the stories you have and emotions you have attaching you to the apocalypse timeline. Think about that. Choose. I want us all to make it. High drama is meant to draw your energy into feeding the collapsing system and that also means fighting on their terms and being upset like they own reality. They do not. Rebelling against a system is based on the assumption that that system is valid just as much as obeying is.

9. Those of you who understand what I'm saying *have already made it,* and

10. Victory is assured.


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