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Energy Update / Ascension Update

By: David Alexander Lightfoot

Energy Update / Ascension Update: The Matrix of 3D is falling, the veil is being lifted, much feelings of fear, anger and grief in the collective. Practice Selfcare and Selflove to stay balanced.

Dear brothers and sisters on the ascension and awakening path.

Many have been feeling not themselves the last few days, feeling lost starting to doubt and questioning their mission and ascension path.

Know the 3D matrix is falling for the entire planet and humanity now and all is shifting faster and faster with the massive light frequencies and energy upgrades coming in daily.

The veil is thinning so feelings of unsafe , fear, anger, grief and acts of greed and ego we feel and see even more by peoples behavior.

Most people have no idea what is going on and feel uncertain about their future. This is what we now pick up from the collective so do not doubt yourself and stay grounded.

Much of the dark forces have been removed. The remaining activities of the dark will all be exposed as they no longer have any backup support.

All masks are falling away, all false beliefs all false information and false guidance is falling away.

Our governments and all religion know the truth and can no longer hide behind their lies and control as all will be disclosed soon.

In the spiritual community, especially those leaders and teachers from the new age generation with their millions of followers are being controlled and acting from ego, greed and control will also be exposed. Those speakers, teachers connected with lower vibrational beings included. Many already have fallen away.

The only true connection on a 5D ascension path is via the heart with our higher self and the Divine. One of higher dimensional love and unconditional love. This connection is a selfless connection in service of the Divine and all of humanity, not one out of ego, control or greed.

The collective is feeling scared about all that is happening, afraid for the future or feeling lost. They start awakening now and do not understand.

Know you are not crazy.

Fear is the easiest way to control someone

Those seeking to block our spiritual progress know this

When we are fearful it is harder to ascend to higher states of consciousness.

With the higher planes clearer then ever before

The criminal activities of our 3D world are being exposed.

All that is hidden is being revealed.

We truly are the end times of old ways of living on the planet.

Our mother Gaia is ascending and by doing so she releases old negative energies also via tropical storms, earthquakes, water floods, forest fires.

Do not let all chaos, fear, attacks let you down

We are trailblazers setting an example for others to follow.

As we ascend more our senses get stronger, our gifts and talents get stronger however also bring up more old stuff to surface like old vows, old karma, blocks and attachments to be released or transmuted into light.

To be able to move forward on our ascension path we need to continue continue to clear ourselves from all negative energies and shadows daily.

Staying balanced focusing on positive things, staying in a high dimensional love vibration and frequency and unconditional love will help us to stay the observer and help create change.

Don't watch tv is the best advise still. Be in nature, follow your passion points, do things that bring you joy. Continue to work on yourself, stand up for your rights and beliefs if you have to, be that sovereign wayshower our planet needs right now.

State: I AM now choosing to live a life in wonderful realities to create a higher dimensional life of Love, Peace, Harmony, Health, Creativity, Abundance, Joy and the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for all.

Heart Blessings 🙏❤😇💫

David Alexander Lightfoot


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