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Energy update-4/8/22

We are here to show you another world that is forming right before your eyes. You have been here before but never like this. You are ‘tuning in’ to this New Energy and now you have eyes to see. At long last you are able to view what has been around you and are now cleaning up your consciousness. You are an incredible light being capable of so much more than you were ever told. You have the ability to transcend the world you are living in and create on a whole new level. You, along with many, many others are now clearing space for a New Reality to emerge. You have the ability to go in between the spaces and dwell with a watchful eye as this unfolds. You are going through a Major Shift in consciousness right now as you sit in the chair. You are being upgraded and are integrating the New Light that is pouring onto your planet. You have been shown the doorway into another dimension and have turned the knob and opened the door. Currently, you are stepping through and out of the old 3rd dimensional matrix. We are here to show you how to dwell in this New Energy, you are being shown a New Playing Field. What is it you would like to create? The world is yours. For God so loved the world that She gave it to her sons and daughters of the Light. You are here to shine your light so that all may find their way home. You are being called to experience true love at long last and to show others the love that they deserve. Things are changing rapidly as the Storm swirls all around you. Stay in the center of the storm and bring your consciousness back to the center of your being. There you will be able to transform this tsunami of light into a beacon of hope for whoever it washes over. The cleanup process is nearing completion as more and more wake up in this New Day. We are here to help you build the New Structures that will be forming around you as the old system crumbles. There are many events that will be occurring in the near future. The best way to view them is from the heart. Stay out of fear and reside in that still, calm space within. You are here for a specific purpose. Your job is to simply be. It sounds too simple because we often want to overcomplicate our role here. Does the light bulb go out and do or is it simply being the light? When you get overwhelmed, just remember that your simply being here is enough to raise the consciousness of the planet. You are shining your light. Once you get back to center and in your heartspace you can then go do. Only this time your steps will be guided along the rainbow path to enlightenment. you will know which steps to take for you will be guided from the heart and not the mind. You are ready for the next phase of what is about to occur. You have trained well and are now ready to receive the reward for your hard work. Thank you for being here and showing up for The Grand Finale. We have waited millennia for this time on planet earth, for the time we merge back with you and bring you back into the Heart of the Galaxy to reside with your Galactic brothers and sisters. We will see you soon…

Channeled by Felix


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1 Comment

Jim Downs
Jim Downs
Apr 08, 2022

Such a great time on this to be a human being.

We are a piece finally.

Thank you so much much love

Jim Downs

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