Energy Update- 1/13/21

Today is a(nother) powerful day!!

I hope you can feel this magical shift in the field that continues to unfold as all becomes much LIGHTer?! We are receiving a most beautiful and powerful Crystalline Liquid Light Cleanse, Ascension Activations, Keys and Codes, and so much more!

Much Divine Love, Bliss, Freedom & Abundance Codes streaming in as the Cosmic Flames and iridescent Rainbow Plasma Infusions are purifying ALL the remaining interference patterns, distortions, veils, illusions, as the holographic inserts and false memories dissolve and wash away very rapidly now with much ease and grace, when we allow it and stay in flow! Resistance to what arises is what causes the suffering.



Open up for Source to heal ALL! Keep resolving, dissolving, transmuting, alchemising and activating all from within! Expect Miracles and keep calling them forth!! Manifestations are super heightened so co-create responsibly and make it count! Drink plenty of water, move the energy through your body, rest when called and be gentle with yourself to best support these most powerful clearings, upgrades and integration.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to ALL for this Divine Co-creation!!

As all-ways I love, value and appreciate all and any feedback!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙

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