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Energetically Balancing the Scales and Energetic Exchanges

By: Ramona Lappin

I've been guided to say this for a while now and here it goes; many of us who share their own Cosmic and Ascension insights, experiences, visions, tools, tips, gifts, abilities and wisdom, have been sharing so much here on Facebook, elsewhere and in so many other ways, and so much more often doing this work for free, often with little support from the collective. I've really been feeling and transmuting what is best described as frustration these past two weeks especially, again. The lack of support from the community whilst I truly do my best to share what I'm guided to in a way to support others as well as anchor the 'data set' into the matrix. It does serve several purposes what I share here for sure such as reminders for myself also. This is more about making people aware of how much energy and time it takes people like me to share all we do, which often is not being valued, like we are supposed to do everything with no energetic return / exchange required. This is part of old obsolete spiritual programming I believe, we're we go back to begging bowls or making bows of poverty, like it's spiritual to live in poverty. In the deepest sense we don't do this for money, fame approval or acceptance form others, this is not for our ego, but we also require energetic receiving from others and not just us giving for us to survive or even better thrive, that's the main point of this post. In order to do our job to our highest ability we do require our need met, just like everyone else on this planet and that's exactly what we are creating as we're transcending all this programming around money and survival!

So don't get me wrong, I and I'm sure others similar to me, are super grateful for all the support we get and got us through to this point in the process but I'm not kidding, it's been tough and many times we have considered giving up, as some did. It's very challenging for many of us to make a living out of what we do and share, by following our calling and of course that has been part of the initiations. Having many times been at the brink of going back to a job that pays a monthly wage just to survive. My last job was in Sales, traveling a lot until i got to a burn out which ultimately led to my awakening, so all perfect but also not what I'm guided to go back to as I know my energy and focus is very much required in the field, on behalf of the collective. I spent many hours a day doing collective and planetary energy work because that's part of my assignment here. Of course we all do this as we work on our own energetic field also, all is inner-connected!!

It's just that some, like me, have been guided to dedicate everything they had to the mission at hand, it's not even as if we had a real choice as we are dedicated to Source only and our own inner guidance and wisdom, here to anchor the highest frequencies, what to do next, often defying all logic, not anything that helps 'pay the bills' or gets us into a more comfortable position, successfully (3D) speaking. So often have I thought of just taking on a normal job so I can have a home and a place to have my cats back and my daughter her own room and for me to see her more often. Funny enough that even with a normal job that's pretty hard to achieve here in Ireland due to the housing market and I know that's the same for many other areas. Each time I've been at the brink, it's been a no from spirit. Sometimes it feels like I'm self sabotaging, it just makes no logical sense yet my higher self can see clearly the higher vision at hand, yet this soul also grows tired of it at times. Having had faith for so long, for things to change for the better, yet giving up seems not an option. Never, our inner knowing and conviction of what we're here to anchor, activate and make possible is way too strong, dissolving all remaining doubt we may carry. All all-ways allowing us to step deeper into our own worth, self love and confidence in our abilities, gifts and powers!!

It's always been just enough to make it through, get by and survive and we are grateful for that (!) but I have to say it's also been a real struggle and I know I'm definitely not the only one and we all have our challenge's, we all have our own unique pieces of the puzzle to solve. Everyone playing their part, all equally important yet unique in their tasks at hand, what had to be resolved. There are so many spiritual guides, gurus and teachers that have thousands of followers, making huge money by having spiritual seekers follow their every word, whilst they manipulate them with twisted spiritual teachings, tagging and putting spiritual attachments on them (knowingly and unknowingly) and take huge amounts of money from their followers, it's really hard to watch sometimes I have to say. It's been definitely a theme for me, feeling overlooked in that way, but also understanding it's a case of frequency resonance and I do know that I have a very high frequency and my sharings don't resonate with too many (yet). I also get the bigger picture and can see that it's all part of everyone learning not to fall for false prophets/ teachers/ guru's so to say, yet it's still hard for those that are struggling to make ends meet whilst coming from the purest of places, just wanting to serve from their Heart. Those of us who have been working diligently, often behind the scenes, never selling out to offer people what they want to hear, but instead stood strong in their own inner knowing, wisdom and integrity, even if we were way ahead of the where the general consciousness of the spiritual masses were at (all changing now as the Consciousness 'levels up')!.

There's also such a thing I'd call 'spiritual consumerism', where people just take, take, take and consume spiritual content and never feel any need to give back to those that continuously support them. People love things for free but don't get that it is them 'overtaking', energetically speaking. I know this is unconscious for most, as has been a general thing collectively speaking as we can see mirrored back to us in the world. Where some people tend to take a lot more and where others over-give. Both 'sides' responsible for the imbalance!!! I've been made aware of me over-giving generally speaking for a while now and had to learn to receive over the past few years and still am working on it and that's another part to the puzzle. We have to be truly open to receive and stop over-giving, nurturing our-SELF more, correcting that imbalance from within. Well me writing this is part of that as it just needs to be said. Through my posts I'm also anchoring new instruction sets for the consciousness and this needed to be transmitted. So if we wish to see more balance energetically in the world we need to be the ones to shift it through our thoughts, words and actions.

That's really just all a reflection of the energetic imbalance of give and take that goes on everywhere. I believe that many other 'guides' (or whatever we wish to call ourselves) here have felt like they had to pull back more lately, totally exhausted by having given sooo much of their energy, feelings of resentment arising, wanting to give up as 'no-one cares', those that have given so much support and help to those around them and got very little back in return. We do know that we're always supported and provided for by God but boy it's been challenging. We're all exhausted here. I hope we can all together start turning this imbalance around more. We had to learn to fill our own cup up first, to create that balance because the ones that over-take never stop taking until we say stop! And this is not about putting anyone into boxes either. We have all been these at different times in our life's and in different situations, just like the victim and victimizer programming/ game.


In whichever way we feel guided to. It's not about money either. I'm looking forward to the day we don't need this anymore as a form of exchange but you see, we will still, always, have to strike energetic balance in all ways! It's about sharing and/ or accepting support in any way, such as sharing or liking and commenting on someone's post helps also, helping the beggar on the street, a street cat that needs food or rescuing, the friend that needs a chat or someone who needs a hug or a smile! EVERYTHING IS THIS!! Just because we want something back either. Just to keep being aware of when we over-give, take too much, afraid not too have enough, are greedy etc. to make sure we keep being of our energetic exchange's and when they're off so we can keep balancing the scales ♎ This is also a very important lessons for those that resonate with the Twinflame journey btw!! No more energetic imbalances to play out in the form of running-chasing/ push-pull/ giver-taker/ codependent-narcissist/ victim-victimizer programming role plays, pleeeeaaassse!!! 😜

Now don't get me wrong, some do get it and I am in deep gratitude for those that understand how important the community support is. I want to thank everyone who has helped keep me going over these past three years, so much to be grateful for, miraculous really how we even made it through lol. I TRULY COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!! 🙏 I want to thank those that understand and have helped keep us going whilst a lot of what we do is working on the Grids, the Planetary Body, our individual assignments and initiations that are often hard to put into words and not all is supposed to be shared. This is work that goes unpaid and us dedicating our life's to our missions and tasks, no matter what we had to go without, let go of, 'sacrifice', or how much we had to overcome, nothing has stopped us. But it's important to understand that those who's mission it is to do this 24/7 are still depending on your support until the Global Prosperity Program comes online, in the name of Unity and in a bid to correct the imbalance of energetic exchange, that we do require and very much deserve and are worthy of this support. We're all playing our roles here. It's not about anyone being more important than another just about everyone having different roles to full-fill to make this Ascension happen, ALL AS ONE! Each has deep purpose and their role to play in birthing this new reality into manifestation, into form! The best news is, it's all already underway! Celebrations shall soon be official, we're so so close to that Freedom we have been creating from the inside out Beloveds!! It's all all-ready done, just a few more steps for that Freedom to be felt at all levels!! ALL together as ONE! We couldn't do it without one another, each playing their role. A Divine Orchestration indeed, including the 'baddie's'!!

I once had someone ask me what I was asking money for in the form of donations and I have to say it's just ignorance or believing we have plenty and are greedy or something. As long as we require money for living expenses and this is our job and highest guidance and purpose to full-fill then well, we still require money to live, simple as that. As we go through these initiations we transcend all the scarcity, survival, not enough, enslavement etc programming around this lovely topic, so it's all perfect, yet it also isn't. It's important we all claim now from deep within our own knowingness and sense of worth that it is time now for us to live abundantly! Its truly time! Neutralizing all attachments to and programming around money and survival are key to this! It's a biggie!!! The willingness to surrender fully to Divine Will, knowing we're all-ways supported!! It's many things, many layers and programs that we are dissolving by living this experience, transcending outdated and non serving belief systems as we do. All of this takes a LOT of energy from us as we also work with higher dimensional DNA templating as we hold the keys for the Transmutation, Transfiguration and Ascension to take place on behalf of the collective consciousness. All I can say is, we work freaking hard. And this also has nothing to do with not being able or spiritually advanced enough to manifest money out of thin air all the time (although it has happened ;-)) There's been a lot of layers to the abundance piece as we all know and by us pulling together and transcending lack, greed, survival, 'not enough' and so many other programs and distortions

around money and abundance, WE ARE BREAKING THROUGH AND OUT OF THEM!


We all know there is enough to go around for everyone, but do we live that? I still have to check on myself around that as I know it's an important piece for me to resolve. When do I act from lack, which is challenging when we're constantly struggling, especially these past many months. Some get it, many still don't. So my request is here, for those of you who can afford whatever that is for you and give something to someone that supports you in ways you're grateful for, that would be amazing as truly every little counts. It's energetic, it's energetic exchange and helps keep the flow of abundance going. To check where you can balance out the 'give and take' energetic in your own personal life. Doesn't need to be through money of course!! LOVE IS THE NEW CURRENCY indeed! Just to see where that reciprocating energetic in your life may be off and try and correct it as when we ARE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD, EVERYTHING DOES CHANGE IN RESPONSE!

So on that note, I will leave my personal PayPal address here ( if anyone feels guided to and is able to support me in this way. It is truly appreciated and I also do get that some can't. It just had to be said as it's in the field and I hope most get what I'm trying to generally convey here. We truly are here to BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE, in whichever way we can and BRING ENERGETIC BALANCE to this world and TO EVERY EXCHANGE we have. This is also true for when we have a conversation for example with someone and feel totally drained from it. All this needs to be managed more responsibly if we wish to create and be the change that is required. We came to be the example. And I also know that we are transcending this whole money and energetic exchange and balance game in a really big way right now and me sharing this is part of this!!! Who else can smell the prosperity manifesting as the new One True Organic Ascension timeline comes more and more online as the old collapses?!! We do this together as One!

P.s. I'm being shown the 27th as a date to pay attention to, feels very exciting, happy, positive change kind of vibe and oh my, could we do with a good dose of that after all the huge amounts of massive karmic load shifting these last week's/ years/ aeons!! The whispers I'm hearing is that DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE, when we believe an that frequency is here now! 😉

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 🦋


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