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Ending the Enslaving Prison System

By: Kathryn Emily

Some of us are here are extremely powerful ancient old souls who are ascended angelic masters incarnation...

Literally all gifted, holding extremely potent powerful healing gifts, inscripted coding, and abilities of literally every spectrum.

From my experience we absolutely have come under the line of fire by deep jealousy and viscous hatred attacks left right and centre (for eons and eons!), and it’s been a challenge to navigate who is your friend or foe within each path.

I’ve been clearing one off my soul for eons, yet I won’t go into the full horrific details here.

I wrote this because as I come into my own power, I was shown I was ‘all gifted’ a long time ago, yet felt too embarrassed and afraid to share my true power nature and gifts... let alone voice such a post as this.

I was always told this would be me being full of myself, or needing attention or vain (inner child toxic programming zzz)...

Yet it’s absolutely about self ore, honour, respect and devoted loyal love.

How can I big up my clients gifts and raw undeniable talents and power if I’m not truly owning and supporting my own in an alien world to my soul.

How can I sincerely support my son who has the same multi gifts and god frequencies and his utter sheer unique brilliance and strength if I’m not offering this pride and love to my own inner child....

God is calling me to step out from hiding and showcase to serve ... to be humble enough, yet also truly courageous enough to accept and own all of who and what I AM.

I have turned away for years and years or recognising and accepting my true self .... including sharing the daily testimonals and messages I receive about how I have helped, served or changed divine souls lives...and the experiences and shifts they’ve experienced from working with me, or being around my field.

I have felt too much inner guilt and/or shame to even digest it all...let alone share it!

Yet I am shifting and I feel this deep pull from my soul to start to show up - shine up and voice up!

It’s time to truly stand in your full glory and power.

Fuck the enslaving prison system ...

Own your sovereignty and truth! I shyer away from my true magnetism, hiding in the background allowing others take the limelight for all these toxic reasons, yet it’s time this changes, and when I make a decision things shift and change FAST.

I’m going to feel into any discomfort that arises (as always) and share away.

I deserve to receive and I absolutely deserve blessings, and it’s duely time everything shifted home into cosmic divine harmony and balance.

I’ve served SO much to help others, yet now my soul wants to share for myself too....and start to truly RECEIVE abundance of I AM.

And this is just the beginning

🦋🤍 ☀️👑🌹🔥🌹🤍🕊🦄🧙‍♀️🧝🏼‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️💯

~Kathryn Emily

Miracles on Earth

With recognition and gratitude to a dear soul who a good while back came to me to show me many things I’d forgetton about who I actually was including through many ‘famous’ lifetimes!

I still am processing shifting and digesting it without sharing too much... yet learning to Embody it where the energy speaks for itself.

Owning it, without ownership other than with, through and as God.


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