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Cry in Innocence

Release in Joy

Forgive wildly

Diving deep into the depths

Of The Unknowable of Life and Love

The Touch of Self

On one’s own skin


Tenderly Caressing

With a gentle Awareness

Of the Knowing and Recognition

Of An Unfamiliar Path

To Unconditional Love

The turmoil, the anguish

Of Indecision

Which way must one turn

To keep walking The Path

Of Honoring, Respecting, and holding Gratitude For Divinity

No thought

Let the Sparks of Light

Flow and burst Open The Heart

The aching Heart

Divine Mirrors Everywhere Present

Where one is no longer lost

We Are Here

Together Healing Each Other

The Ebb and Flow of Feelings

This and That Creating Confusion

Then Centering Again

To A Pause

Where does one start?

Where does one go?

In the Exploration of the Heart Based Being

There is no room for guilt

There is only space for freedom

And Expansion

Are We There Yet?

The Choices are vast

The Road treacherous

Yet only the Ego self inhibits

The Higher Self Embraces It All

Are We ready for Unconditional Love

To Reign In All Moments?

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