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Eclipse Season: The Emancipated State

By: Lauren C. Gorgo


The last eclipse portal of 2021 officially opened (on the 11/4 Scorpio new moon), the first of which is a magical, Taurus (Venus ruled) full moon lunar eclipse (11/19) that is presenting some major feminine healing themes after another year of deep shadow work and (masculine) inner-child reclamation. We are coming back Home to our Hearts (Taurus) & Wombs (Scorpio), to our own needs, after months of unearthing the (sacral) seed point of separation in our bodies, lives & lineages. The full moon eclipse is asking us to reconcile our karmic life so that we can now return to our safe harbor as LOVE.

This eclipse season in totality is showing as a truly liberating one that reads like a final heave-ho for this universal 5 year…a surge of power to fully disentangle & reclaim our authority from any remaining places in our lives and relationships where we have given ourselves away and/or assumed too much responsibility…followed by a tremendous reboot of consciousness into the nirvanic state of regeneration & renewal.

For those moving into the New Earth landscape, these entangled, codependent (empath-narcissistic) dynamics no longer serve our path (first life mission) and so this is our moment to exit the matrix…to eclipse the past…to make space available to receive the upcoming light activations in preparation for a complete reset on the total solar eclipse (12/4). Anything from the foundational (familial/generational/root) layers that are still draining our energy, preventing our physical, emotional, and/or financial sustainability, weighing us down, or holding us back from moving into this new quantum reality must go now that we have the conscious awareness of the inception of our suffering (separation).