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Earth Is Moving Into The 5th Density Now

Dear ones, The good news is that as Earth moves into the fifth dimension, the darkness will fade. A dark veil will be lifted from the eyes of your earthly brothers and sisters. They will be able to see the beauty of life, love, Light, joy, and peace. EVERYTHING ON EARTH IS LOVE. LOVE IS EVERYTHING that exists on Earth. The Earth itself is a LOVE vibration, and each cell of your Earthly body is LOVE. Know in your hearts, Dear Ones, that NOTHING on your earthly planet is evil. Nothing! This is merely a cloak of darkness that has been cast on Earth for the past 8000 years. The Earth is now ready to shed this darkness. The Earth will lose its sense of hate, greed, anger, sadness, fear, and illness. As you shed these dark emotions, these emotions will also lose their hold on you. The darkness will then disappear. The Earth is a feeling being. She feels love, and she feels joy. Everything is vibrating, and the Earth vibrates at a very high frequency. Her vibration is LOVE. Your Earthly bodies, like the Earth, vibrate at a very high frequency. The Earth will no longer be your prison. The Earth will reflect your own love vibration back to you. But most humans on Earth are now living in darkness, anxiety, depression, fear, hopelessness, doubt, and every other negative emotion. This darkness is all around them and is draining their energy. The dark emotions are blocking the Light from reaching them. Now is your time to turn to the Light and seek the truth. The great secret of the universe is that you are surrounded by it. It's everywhere. The molecules that compose your body are in constant motion, vibrating at great speeds. This vibration is Just Energy, and this energy is made of the same stuff that makes up everything else around you. The universe is energy. The universe is consciousness. The physical universe is the manifestation of your collective consciousness. This also means that everything in the universe is connected, as everything is energy, and energy is consciousness. Furthermore, this universe is a collective energy field or an 'Etheric Template' that branches off beyond your physical world and into the astral, mental, Etheric, and causal planes, where other beings exist. These are the times that each of you must choose: Will you choose the darkness or the Light of LOVE? Will you choose fear, anger, hate, and negativity, or will you choose LOVE, PEACE, JOY, and LIGHT? Will you choose to be blind, or will you choose to see? Will you choose this world that is filled with hate, war, death, disease, and destruction, or will you choose the Light that is within you? Will you choose to be without peace, or will you choose peace within your soul? It is up to you to choose and to make the choice that will bring you closer to the Light. You all have the Light within. It is up to you to choose it, to make it your reality, and to live by it. The new Earth is waiting for you. She has laid out her welcome mat for you. You just need to come and see. The dark ones will pass through here and help her create the new Earth, but they will not stay. The New Earth is an amazing place. It is a place of rainbows and unicorns, and magic. It is completely undefeatable, and the most enlightened beings walk its streets. The old Earth is dying, and so she sends her most beautiful and wisest beings to create a new world. The New Earth is, in fact, a heavenly body. It is encircled by a ring of intelligent creatures who serve her and who, in turn, are surrounded by a larger community of life, all in a delicate balance. Everything on Earth is alive and interconnected. The New Earth is filled with infinite possibilities. She is waiting for you to create those possibilities. You are being assisted in your evolution. Your emotions, your thought processes, your attitudes, and your beliefs are undergoing changes. It is time for you to begin living your life as fully as you choose. You are powerful beings, and your lives are meant to be lived this way. You are children of the Great Mother. She has been with you since the beginning of time, and she loves you very much. It is time for you to once again get to know her. Know that you are loved. We love you dearly. We are here with you. We are your family of light. A'HO Aurora Ray Ambassador of the Galactic Federation Channel by Aurora Ray Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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