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By: Archeia Aurora

As we approach the profound date of December 21st, 2021, we are nearing the completion of the Karmic Timeline. The Winter Solstice of 2012 marked Earth's ascension into the 5th Dimension, the start of the Golden Age. On this date, Mother Earth, incarnated into a physical vessel, moved into the 5th Dimension. This created a ripple effect that is now culminating during this portal. We have reached the end of the 9 year cycle from this date, the end of the Dark Times, the end of the EGO programmed mind, the end of illusion.

As many may know, our dark history spans over 27,000 years. After the Fall of Atlantis & Lemuria, we entered the darkest parts of our history as a collective. We were thrust from the 5D down into the 3rd. We developed amnesia, a deep forgetting of who we truly are and the power that we hold. It was not long before the Dark Ones took control of the planet, enslaved the Human race through fear, control, power over, and manipulation. The Dark injected the EGO programmed mind into the collective consciousness, creating a 27,000 year timeline of pain and suffering.

The pain and suffering Humanity has endured has reached it epoch. Through these timelines we learned lessons , attained deep spiritual growth, and we saw the horrific effects of separation. The Dark has assaulted the consciousness, our people, and God. THIS ENDS NOW. It was through the Dark that we were able to find the light, it was through fear that we learned deeper levels of trust, and it was through deep pain and sorrow that we awakened.

All have been playing their role in the cosmic play, even the Dark. The test has been to see through the illusion, to break the karmic cycle, and to return to love. Many have succeeded and many have failed. The strongest souls in existence are here on Planet Earth, assisting Mother & Father of All Creation in ascending this planet back home into the Light. We are the last remaining planet to exist in separation. We are the only Planet living in pain, suffering, and illusion.

Many have been waiting for disclosure to take place. Many have been fighting this spiritual battle for eons. Many got lost in the illusion and have yet to make it out. Humanity is tired. They are wounded from battle, they are exhausted in every sense of the word. We now come upon the biggest choice point that Humanity has ever faced: to end the cycle of Dark, or to continue on with the karmic lessons.

Karma=unlearned lessons. We master a karmic lesson when we choose to see the higher in any situation or event. When we stop allowing our minds to cause reaction, blame, judgment, rage, or victim consciousness. When we choose to be love even in the face of evil. This does not mean we give up, nor does it mean we enable the dysfunction to continue. This means WE become the disclosure. WE become the God Self in order to spark the God Self in all others. WE become the warriors of light that cannot be taken out.

Many have called for Divine Intervention, from God, from the Galactics, from the White Hats, from Trump, etc. WE ARE THE DIVINE INTERVENTION. No one is going to save us, do you understand? WE ARE ALL GOD WITH GOD, the power that we hold is immense. Mother God has already shown us the way. It is the way of mastery, of accountability, of love, forgiveness, and compassion. It is the way of the fearless warrior who is led by the heart and not the mind.

It has been decreed by Source for divine intervention to take place. The Divine Intervention is US. We, Humanity, are the divine intervention. THE KARMIC CYCLES END NOW. All of Humanity must be the divine intervention in their own lives, as we are the co-creators of this reality. We must say NO MORE, we do not consent, we do not choose this any longer. Our battle is not external, it is internal.

We call on all the warriors of the heart to decree, today, for divine intervention. To decree that you, as a soul, are no longer entangled in the karmic web. You take full accountability for all experiences, all dysfunctions, as we are all One. You decide today to no longer dabble in the Dark, you decide to no longer entertain it. You decree that fear no longer has any power over you. We cut chords with all karmic timelines. We no longer need the external mirror of darkness in order to find our own light. We are now the lighthouses who shine outwards. We choose love over fear. We choose compassion over judgment. We choose unity over separation.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The Darkness ends right here, right now, within us all. We are no longer playing small. We are no longer waiting on anyone or anything. We are no longer frustrated or angry by the game of illusion because we see it for what it is. We see the purpose it served, we see the mirror. We say to the Dark-thank you for your role, and thank you for your service to the Divine Plan, but you are no longer needed.

Divine Intervention has been decreed.


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