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Divine Diversity


✨You are a living, breathing, swaying, dancing conduit of divine medicine…sweet perfection and perfectly tuned for this moment. With each of us holding our own unique frequency and vibration. Our own pattern and sound that flows and weaves creating the most splendid divine melody, we are as unique as a fingerprint. Full spectrum divine diversity 🌈✨✨

Image a painting with only one color or a song with only one note?

✨✨✨🌈 🎼 🎶 🎨 🎶 🎼 🌈✨✨✨

Know that you are a gift in this Now, just as you are. Let your true self shine in all of your magical glory. Beam out your weird, your quirky, your childlike innocence, wonder and laughter into the darkness of this world and light that shit up with your radiance.

Release now the judgement, expectations or critical thoughts that may have seeped into your mind over the many lifetimes that may have steered you away from your inner knowing and truth or that have kept you in separation mode, internally and externally. Drop the need for external validation, titles, labels, superiority complexes and let’s run as fast as we can across this golden rainbow bridge to a new way of living and loving 🙏🏻


Bring your consciousness back deep within and feel the burdens lifted as we go through MAJOR crystalline upgrading of the Heart during this time. These activations will have you feeling overwhelmed with compassion, peace, love and joy. This will come bursting through you as Oneness and Unity consciousness is anchored and will be felt most intensely by those who are consciously allowing their hearts to open wide in complete surrender to receive this light ⚓️💗

In this Now, we are rebirthing as sacred portals, bringing through the most divine and magnificent purity codes that will alchemize All back to the Light 🌀🕊🌈

It’s time to reach for the sky butterfly 🦋

Christy Ashley 🌹💜

(Artist Unknown)

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