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Divine Discernment is key

By Lorie Ladd

We are being asked to discern more and more during these massive shifts in the human collective.

Discernment is a tool that creates your reality. It is understanding and following your truth, your resonance, your energetic knowingness.

It is experiencing and Being in this complex, energetic world, where information, narratives, polarities are thrown at you all day long, and you learn to pull it all apart and sit with, hold, only that which resonates with you.

Discernment is based on resonance which is based on your frequency. Therefore, we will not all have the same discernment as we are all not holding the same frequency thus resonance.

We will come to different conclusions. We will follow different narratives. We will create unique realities for ourselves. This is why it is futile to judge another person for their ability or inability to discern how they want to experience and create their reality. It is all based on their frequency. If a human is unable to feel their resonance thus follow their discernment they will create realities based on other people’s discernment.

Eventually, as we all evolve into higher states of consciousness we will begin to feel our unique resonance and use discernment to follow that resonance.

The more we learn to discern and trust our discernment the easier it will be to navigate these intense and powerful energetic shifts in the human collective and on the Planet right now.


1) Does this feel right to me? NOT, is this the right thing to do?

2) Is this my truth or am I being told, coerced, or feared into this truth?

3) What does my intuition say?

4) If this is all an energetic experience (i.e. stepping out of duality) what am I most pulled to energetically?

5) If I quieted my friends and family and strictly listened to me, what would I believe? What would be my absolute truth?

We are all sovereign, unique, energetic Beings learning how to live in this complex energetic world. Learning to follow the energetic beat of our own drum is the key to it all!

I love you


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