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Dissolving False Ego Realities

Swimming through this density of unworthiness and negative self talk Relentless streams of false, fear ridden and non-existent timelines Whatever happened To the Empowered Self? Transforming for the collective Thoughts that bring you down Observing what fear there still is within humanity’s psyche So deep are the layers of doubt So ludicrous are the lies we have told ourselves The psychosis of linear thinking ever clinging to separation and judgement Confusing energies within the complex theorem Ride the wave of the deconstruction of the false narrative Bathe in the process of your transformations  Find the sparkling omnipresence of Truth and Love Feel the stillness of the Heart that already knows The trusting of the divine unfoldment of  infinite possibilities and healing Let go of the judger in you that is now dissolving There are only so many fearful thoughts you can loop through before the Matrix mind implodes on itself from the sheer force of Divine Will and Higher Self embodiment Surrender to the process of Death and Rebirth You are already there In truth, You simply Are Always have been Forevermore will Be…You.

~ Jeri Svenson

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