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By: Ramona Lappin

We're going through a deep purge of deep seated programming as the old Matrix hologram dissolves which is also held in our bodies. Programs are really sets of interconnected belief systems. Any old, non serving programs are coming up to be seen for what they are so we can reprogram ourselves or rather receive the upgrades and release that which doesn't serve one anymore. We can be an active participant or be dragged as the Consciousness IS shifting and the Earth's Frequency riding rapidly and we're shifting dimensionally, now, NOW. So all not in alignment with the Consciousness that underlies the higher density/ dimensional realities/ of lower frequency, is coming up to clear, to purge and be seen for what it is, which is unveiling/ revealing the higher Truths. The curtains lift for all to see what they couldn't see before.

The revelatory energies are making the unconscious conscious, as that is what 95% of our daily activities, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are being run/ directed from. We mostly on auto pilot. Of course part of our awakening journey is to make the unconscious and these programs conscious, because that's how we change our habits, behaviours, thoughts and beliefs and in turn our realities, all from the inside out. Thoughts do create things and that's what it keeps coming back to. Back to the basics, back to simplicity! Mindfulness is key if we wish to take charge of our thoughts and run them instead of them us, developing mental strength is key not to succumb to outside programming and mind control. If we want to be responsible Creators then we have to be able to master our thoughts and emotions. Self mastery! Hence also the necessary isolation as part of our Individuation process that allows us to truly get to know our True Self, to become truly sovereign instead of running after a crowd. As the new Unityfield is build on Sovereign individuals that are interdependent and know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, as that's how all fit perfectly with one another, with those of same Frequency / Soul Groups.

The old Grid System and net are dissolving as the new is taking over. It's already happening, it's just that we can't see it just yet but most can FEEL IT! One is best guided to look within for proofs of change and not be distracted, misguided and deceived by the outside ILLUSIONS that are arising to be DISSOLVED IN ZERO POINT NEUTRALITY. Any moment now in NO-TIME the mind control will be fully neutralized and offline. Many of us can definitely feel the pressure cooker energies building and yes it's been a while on and off. Patience, Timelessness is what open the door to the 'future', all-ways NOW, in NO-TIME. All feels like one eternal now moment. Keep relaxing as our nervous system recalibrates and heals from deeply held trauma imprints. Keep relaxing deeper and deeper and keep checking your body for any tension it may hold throughout the day. As you release physical tension it also helps release the mental and emotional tension. It's has all all-ready happened, is all-ready happening and we're also making it happen as we go along. Knowing what we wish to manifest already exists in the Quantum Field, helps us remember that relaxation and non attachment are key to this process.

I've been spending hours in the park, in the sun and on the grass for the past three days earthing, healing and balancing and it still feels like I want more! Great time for camping I'd say to help anchor these massive frequencies and balance our bodies. Mother Earth is our greatest supporter, the clearing, healing and activations are certainly taking a lot of self care and rest to allow the Integration and reset to complete. I've been guided to switch off a lot more and just truly BE and relax and truly open up to really receive now. Less doing and more being. Even less planetary energy work. I've done ENOUGH so to say, although we're of course never 'finished' but it's important for me to learn to switch off more from the 24/7 Ascension marathon. To really recharge and enjoy life! I mean that's what it's all about right lol, not just working hard, even if it's Ascension, it's meant to be fun now, it's meant to be play. Well, at least now it can be, we're at that stage, finally! Deepening into our own worth right now is paramount also if we want to receive the Abundance we know is available. It's really part of us, no-thing is separate. We're remembering our inherent Oneness now, the knowing ourselves as that, it's a feeling not a mental concept, it's a Frequency, the frequency of Unity, of atONEment. We're the once activating these higher frequencies and realities in the grids, the hologram, by holding them in our field, we're the new broadcasters. We 'have to' believe it to see it! To remember and truly see that what we're looking at outside of us is a hologram we came here to change. To remember our power and reclaim our inherent AT-ONE-ment with all of life everywhere, with God Source. To become a vessel for, and One with it (all)!

For me me, one of the programs that came up was about not feeling supported, not seen, heard, ignored, let down, where I over-give. I've deal with it many, many times before and I asked to see what was left for me to understand more deeply. Had to purge the frustration first always fun! So I let it all come up, not saying I shouldn't feel it, but trying to be neutral, yet being the observer also, but most importantly just FULLY being with it and listening to myself. We become the Observer, the observed and the actor. I could eventually (after letting the need to get an answer in that moment, go) see deeper. I could see where I had let myself down, where I STILL feel I'm lacking or not enough, where I still don't listen to or believe in myself FULLY, where I give too much, where I don't look after myself enough, where I still need to love myself some more deeply. Where do I allow anything 'less than' what I know I am worthy of in my reality?

Also understanding that what another person does or doesn't do isn't just/ always about me. If it triggers me than that's for me to figure but otherwise it's not my circus, then I'm just there to observe to see/ help the program to collapse. We need to get away from thinking that what another person does is a reflection of us, sometimes they just have stuff going on that's nothing to do with us yet we may get triggered by their re/action towards us f.e. It's never just one answer, it's many things and multi layered/ dimensional. I am also observing a lot of sexual distortions and sexual misery programming coming up within the hologram to be resolved/ dissolved. Misogyny and gender split / war/ division. It's all coming up to be released, so we can integrate and unify it all within.

Sometimes we just observe it in Neutrality, sometimes we have to draw clear boundaries and say a clear no and sometimes we just laugh at the programs playing out, it's a form of neutralizing it. Not everything requires our reaction. Especially narcissistic energetics are best dealt with by starving then of our energy/ attention/ focus. Overall I find humour one of our greatest tools, when we laugh at the imagined monsters that are hiding in our closet. When we have faced and learned how to dance with our own shadows, there's nothing left to scare us with. We take out the seriousness as we see it all for what it is, just programs to be dissolved/ deleted/ reprogrammed. Non of this is personal but it's our responsibility to help sort it out and bring it all to resolution and everything that happens is helping us do this. Anyway, the best tip I believe is to drop into gratitude when things get tough and we're battling with letting go of something, like a program. Surrender to the struggle and let go. It will come to you. Just remember when it's rough that everything is ultimately helping you (potentially) to release/ integrate/ up level/ step more into your power! All to be alchemised and re-reversed. The contrast and push backs and interference are ultimately helping us to become more powerful and reclaim our True Multi-dimensional Self!

I'm all buckled up and ready for the ride to speed up! We're shifting dimensions, I can feel it in my cells, my Consciousness, messages are consistent, ALL IS TRANSFORMING! See the clearing for what it is and don't give it extra life support by believing it to be true. Know the illusions for what they are. The old, fallen Conscioussness seems to have a last struggle of survival before it's being transmuted and swallowed up by Source. As we hold the highest Organic Ascension Timeline steady within our field and Consciousness. Remembering that ultimately non of this is even real, or as real as we believe it to be and we came here to reprogram this reality. Really it is happening through us, we are the vessels, yet also active participants with front row seats, as the Consciousness shifts, the realities do in turn. We're going through a HUGE removal of old holographic inserts/ false pictures of reality/ false data/ false memories in progress from what I am shown. This shall start to dissolve old Matrix hologram overlays as the New blends in and merges. This is interconnected with our own multi-dimensional merge a d anchoring, as many may be experiencing very consciously taking place. Profound Crystalline Plasma Lightbody and DNA Activations! Higher Heart-Mind connection is strengthening along with 3rd eye and heart openings. It truly is beyond words what is unfolding. Just STAY present and IN AWE AND WONDER as all unveils and unravels. Humour and humility serve us well as we keep navigating these reality changing shifts.

I am sharing a sound healing and Lightlanguage Activation from my last group call here for those that may find it supportive. It is intended to help with Breaking through the victim and victimizer programming/ game, including related programming. This includes integration of Polarities to help come to Divine Union Within. You can find more recordings of mine there also:

My best advice would be to stay in/ keep coming back to the present, in NO-TIME, where all is accessible. Through holding and being anchored in the Zero Point, no matter what goes on around or within us, is how we hold the highest Organic Ascension Timeline in place. This is all about Frequency and alignment, not linear time, it's Quantum! We have to transcend the concept of time, space and gravity altogether to rise to the higher Dimensional Realities which is what we are doing now! When we keep attached to time frames and dates we keep attached to 3D Realities. Got to let that shit go, or rather play with it, now, now



Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona

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