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By: Ramona Lappin

We're going through a deep purge of deep seated programming as the old Matrix hologram dissolves which is also held in our bodies. Programs are really sets of interconnected belief systems. Any old, non serving programs are coming up to be seen for what they are so we can reprogram ourselves or rather receive the upgrades and release that which doesn't serve one anymore. We can be an active participant or be dragged as the Consciousness IS shifting and the Earth's Frequency riding rapidly and we're shifting dimensionally, now, NOW. So all not in alignment with the Consciousness that underlies the higher density/ dimensional realities/ of lower frequency, is coming up to clear, to purge and be seen for what it is, which is unveiling/ revealing the higher Truths. The curtains lift for all to see what they couldn't see before.

The revelatory energies are making the unconscious conscious, as that is what 95% of our daily activities, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are being run/ directed from. We mostly on auto pilot. Of course part of our awakening journey is to make the unconscious and these programs conscious, because that's how we change our habits, behaviours, thoughts and beliefs and in turn our realities, all from the inside out. Thoughts do create things and that's what it keeps coming back to. Back to the basics, back to simplicity! Mindfulness is key if we wish to take charge of our thoughts and run them instead of them us, developing mental strength is key not to succumb to outside programming and mind control. If we want to be responsible Creators then we have to be able to master our thoughts and emotions. Self mastery! Hence also the necessary isolation as part of our Individuation process that allows us to truly get to know our True Self, to become truly sovereign instead of running after a crowd. As the new Unityfield is build on Sovereign individuals that are interdependent and know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, as that's how all fit perfectly with one another, with those of same Frequency / Soul Groups.

The old Grid System and net are dissolving as the new is taking over. It's already happening, it's just that we can't see it just yet but most can FEEL IT! One is best guided to look within for proofs of change and not be distracted, misguided and deceived by the outside ILLUSIONS that are arising to be DISSOLVED IN ZERO POINT NEUTRALITY. Any moment now in NO-TIME the mind control will be fully neutralized and offline. Many of us can definitely feel the pressure cooker energies building and yes it's been a while on and off. Patience, Timelessness is what open the door to the 'future', all-ways NOW,