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Dear family of light 10-11-21

Dear family of love and light,

The Divine would like to give you updates on what is happening energetically and what is to come.

In the last couple of weeks or so, the Divine and the company of heaven have been busy preparing some of the important light warriors for their important mission.

The Divine says that there are some of the light workers whose mission has started. These light workers are critical for Gaia's next phase. Their missions are all about Gaia's remapping process and the Divine government. Some of these light workers are aware of their critical mission. However, there are quite a large number of them who have no idea about what their next mission is and what is required of them to complete their next task. That is why the Divine has to focus on these critical light workers and get them ready for their next job.

Now, since Gaia's rebuilding process is so gigantic, The process requires a lot of light workers and especially Gaia's daughters. Yes, there are some light workers who carry Gaia's keys and codes -- And now is time for them to come forward and start their mission. There are also a group of light workers who are Gaia's builders. Their skills are Divinely trained, and they have Gaia's building tools embedded in them. Now is time for these builders to start their tasks as well. Gaia has sent out the clarion calls, and the time has come for these builders to hear the call and start the rebuilding process.

The important part of Gaia's next phase is the start of the Divine government. So far, the Divine was able to establish the Divine government at an energetic level and now the process of bringing the Divine Government to physical realm has begun. In the next couple of months, the Divine is going to focus on the manifestation of the Divine government and make sure to bring the Divine government into physical reality.

The last thing the Divine has been doing is to get some light workers to start their mission on new earth. Some have started. There are some critical light workers that the Divine has been focusing on and are almost ready to begin. Once these critical ones begin their next task, the process will begin in a much grander scale. And that is what is to come. The Divine is very excited about it. Thank you all for your love and patience.

Divine love and blessings to you all.

Linda Li. So it is.Dear family of love and light, the Divine would li