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By Ramona Lappin

These energies are beyond intense! I've become accustomed to surfing these Quantum waves well but I have to say, today is definitely a bit of a struggle. We are receiving some beyond HUGE clearings, DNA, Plasma Lightbody and Higher Heart-Mind Galactivations and Cosmic Rays and Powerful Aurora and inter-dimensional Plasma Waves, as this reset takes place and we complete this massive Quantum Leap to The One True Organic Ascension Realities!

The most important Activation unfolding on Sunday was the Divine Mother fully re-claiming the Vatican Stargate Site as well as Washington and London. I saw a mass release of Children's Souls at Saint Peter's Basilica taking place, but this is happening across the planet. I was also shown that some of these children that were abused, were cloned and have no Souls. Those Souls that are moving on are receiving healing, before choosing their next incarnations. I am in deepest Gratitude to them for their sacrifice and so relieved to see their Souls being released into the light, to now be at peace.

The Divine Mother, White, Blue and Aqua Rays are literally merging and absorbing these lower energies, demonic entities and shadow beings leaving, THROUGH her. Like a pillar of light drawing all impurities to her light like moths to a flame, to then transmute them through her and returning them back to Source. This is taking a toll on those that carry these Rays predominantly in their Blueprints as we are purifying these lower energies and Archonic Consciousness THROUGH our own vessels too.

I saw a massive Cosmic White-Out happening on Sunday within the Consciousness, which was all part of this as the White and Three Fold Flame continue to purify and ascend the inner and outer Grids and Realities. It's was Cosmic wide. The COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS QUANTUM RESET is underway! This is not just about Earth, or this Galaxy, but also the whole ONE CONSCIOUSNESS of which all dimensional, universal and multidimensional layers are all part of.



These past few days we have been receiving very powerful shifts and activations to the Planetary Brain and Grid system, which corresponds to the Collective Consciousness and nervous system. I invite you to read and learn more about this on Ascension Glossary and will leave a link to this below.

You may feel super extra tired, have headaches/ migraines, body aches, hard to focus eyes/ eye soar, nausea, dizziness, flu (frequency light upgrades) symptoms etc. as these massive upgrades and clearings are taking place and a powerful Consciousness Reset is happening at all levels of Creation. It's actually really challenging to write this, it takes a lot of concentrated focus. We are receiving powerful upgrades, our brains are being rewired and our DNA and Blueprints re-encrypted, as this too resets. All is interconnected. The brain may feel like it's 'offline'/ difficulty focusing as this reset takes place and old, false data is deleted and re-encrypted. This is Neuroplasticity happening at Collective level as the Planetary Brain is getting rewired and reset. We are fully reconnecting back to God Source Intelligence, Eternal God Source back flow return/ perpetual energy flow and organic telepathic synergistic Group Consciousness at collective level, away from and replacing the artificial hive mind, group think and artificial telepathic net. Our brains are also temporarily being reset and rewired. This is how the new Consciousness is being birthed at Collective level right now. Whenever we do Grid work fe. we also work on the Planetary Brain.

For me personally I've been feeling super tense and cranky as I'm transmuting a lot of these very dense energies on behalf of ALL, headaches, nausea, beyond tired and body achy all over after waking. Lots of old parts of me are coming up to be neutralised in Divine Love yet also require corrections and resetting. The same is true for the old artificial Timelines. All is coming up to be dissolved in Neutrality, Wisdom and Love. Again, neutrality doesn't mean we don't have discernment, far from it, but it's a very different energetic to judgement and resistance or fighting something. Just be aware that many of us are purging these negative entities and energies that are being mass evicted at Quantum God speed now, THROUGH us.

Also, when the energies are so intense and we're all tired it's harder to stay conscious and what is happening is truly all these old parts and things in our realities that we'd rather not see any longer, come up for a final release. Love and compassionate understanding is key! See it all for what it is! See through the veils and illusions, distortions, reversals and manipulation, to DISSOLVE IT ALL FULLY NOW in Divine Neutrality. That's also what's happening within our bodies as the holographic overlays dissolve within our own body matrix as well as the artificial timelines within our DNA, which is the film strip to our realities! All clearing and activating from the inside out! All inter-connected.

LET GO of any remaining doubts and insecurities which are only coming up to clear and again be seen for what they are; false and limiting programming. Transcend any remaining fears and attachments to the old Realities based in fears and lack, to release yourself from any remaining ties and bonds. This is what is energetically allowing us to re-claim our full Power and is key to our last and final BREAK-THROUGH, as we take and pass our last exams! This sure isn't for the faint of Heart and trusting and believing in ourselves, our visions and inner wisdom and knowing, is what all of this is about and unlocks and activates our Multidimensional Self, DNA and KRYSTALL-STAR-LIGHT-BODY'S! Our Sacred Krystal Hearts are playing a major role. As they open and activate fully now, the sacred secrets they've been keeping for such a long time, over many incarnations, are finally unlocking. As we activate the Crystals throughout the Planetary Grid System and within our own bodies, THE TRUTH, such as the true history records and memories are arising from within and all around us now.

We are going through some lasts tests as part of our graduation, know them for what they are! Our belief, faith and trust in ourselves and the Divine Plan and our surrender to it are being tested. Initiations and tests are there to strengthen and make us step further into our own sovereign Power, yet it's also ok to feel totally exhausted by this wild ride. Relaxation is key, so let go. We don't give up but


Non attachment to outcome is key! CELEBRATE ALL THAT ARISES as you keep remembering and know that ALL is ultimately happening FOR you! Rest in the Zero Point Field, in NO-TIME, in Divine Neutrality, and keep flowing with whatever arises, non resistance and judgement will serve you well! We're doing some powerful Quantum Timeline/ Reality leaping right now and much is coming online and aligning, especially beyond the veils now fully dissolving from within our own bodies.


ALL is ultimately helping us release any remaining fears, density, separation, confusion and illusions, ultimately. As we break out of the Collective Mass Psychosis! This is not about us trying to control the outcome but remembering and trusting the Divine Plan, yet simultaneously knowing when and what our role and part to play is in all of this. Listening to our inner Guidance and trusting our own navigational system is key in doing our part to help make this Collective Quantum Leap and Paradigm Shift within the Consciousness happen. So keep listening to your Heart and inner callings, as so much remembering is coming online now, as well as our gifts, abilities and clarity. All also connected to the Crystalline Grid and Core Activations taking place within and without!





This is a Mass Soul Retrieval & Merge/ higher DNA Strand activation/ DNA braiding/ Walk-ins and Mass Transition and release of Souls taking place! A LOT is integrating and releasing.

Plenty of water (with lemon), plenty of rest, quiet time to really connect deeply with our Soul and Spirit/ God Source. Clear your field and bodies regularly as so much is releasing at super speed, and as it is paramount to maintain and keep a sovereign energetic field, all-ways. Showers/ salt baths, extra vitamins and minerals are all helpful right now. Just ask your body what it needs. This is a SUPER PURGE and DNA and Plasma Lightbody Activations happening and the energies keep on building very rapidly now, time accelerates! It's all building up to what I am seeing is all-ready happening, the Activation of the Crystalline Core and Grid System is reaching its final 'trigger point', any moment now. I am being shown the Crystalline Core of Earth as a beautiful Crystalline White Rose opening, pulsing and activating. This is also connected to the Earth's Grid System,

As some read in my previous posts, I am seeing a Collective 'Shockwave' being imminent. I still see this being imminent and also connected to what I see happening at the Vatican. For more information please see my previous posts and Cosmic Energy Updates on my YouTube channel (link below). Ultimately, as I often say, ALL all-ways happens in Divine Frequency Alignment / Timing, so outside of linear time, in Quantum NO-TIME. We have to transcend the concept of linear time altogether to transcend the limitations of 3/4D Realities, it's really all all-ways happening NOW.

Preserverance is absolutely key and not giving up on what we know is true. I am also not here to tell you what to believe in, I am here to keep speaking my Truth, be my authentic Self, as I know this is what enables one to hold the highest Frequency available and keep aligning with being my Avatar Self and Divine Love embodied, merging with my Higher Identities and God Source Consciousness as I release all that is not my True Self. This is what ultimately brings our multidimensional Embodiment online, as we integrate, purify & merge ALL of us, The One! Divine Union Within!

So as we move through this Collective Quantum release, cut yourself and all others some extra slack as we are moving through this massive final purge, whilst also making corrections. See everyone as an aspect of you, see them in their Original Innocence, the Source within, whilst taking no crap. We can RESET and start again in any NOW moment. To take a deep breath, go for a walk and breath in some fresh air, take a shower, clear the air, burn some sage and try again without beating ourselves or others up so to say. We are here to become Super Conscious Co-Creator's again and ALL OF THIS IS THIS!

We are asked to love our old, 'distorted' Self and that of others, to fully LET IT ALL GO NOW! To LEAVE THE PAST FULLY BEHIND we have to first understand, make peace with, and integrate our Souls lesson's, personally and collectively. Because that's what is required right now. Hold all in Divine Neutrality whilst not losing sight of what is the desirable and overall a more acceptable expression/ behaviour/ attitude/ realities and make the necessary corrections. But only when we have fully accepted and loved ALL as it is for what it is, are we able to fully alchemise and shapeshift our realities now!

Know and see the old, artificial Matrix for what it is, FAKE !! and that nothing good can really be build within these old systems and structures.


Hence wer'e navigating a Total Reset at Cosmic Consciousness level, all is interconnected. Think of life as a Russian Doll effect. As within so without, as above so below. Truly. Distortions on one level cause distortions on all, through quantum entanglement, hence ALL requires correction! When one suffers, we ALL suffer. This is The Law of One as


I mentioned in a comment on Sunday that there was also a Schumann Resonance blackout. I also had the automatic spelling of my phone reset itself to factory functions by itself. Notice all of the changes, shifts and glitches that are happening within your hologram as OUR REALITIES SPEAK SYMBOLICALLY to us. Beyond the conspiracies all is ultimately happening FOR us and more and more synchronicities are happening as all aligns and the interference patterns fully dissolve now! Keep noticing and focusing on these glitches and you will see more of them. Whatever we focus on we help co-create. I noticed in the morning that the graph was offline and someone else reporting on it too, so I shared. Then later on it was back online without any of the data missing as a black line! Others didn't notice it going offline at all. Maybe different timelines? We also had geomagnetic disturbances, all signs of timeline shifts unfolding. This was all after I saw the Consciousness reset happening at energetic level as I was some doing Gatework. It played out as a


I am also observing:

Massive DMT & Bliss Code release in progress. This may show up as waves of Love and Bliss bring experienced in between deeper releases.

Rapid Quantum Collapse of artificial, false timelines, veils, illusions & holographic inserts, overlays and false data and memories, continues!

Electric energies - I saw lightning in the sky but it was different to lightning as in bolts, when there's thunder too. It was super quiet, no storm, no rain, nothing. It was more than white light flashes in the distance.

Today, Monday I am being shown a Crystalline Heart Rose Core of Earth opening up, activating and going through a crystallisation process, triggering a Planetary wide, MASSIVE Rose Grid Activation, helping remove any remaining negative alien technologies, pumping Krystal Waters out into the Grids and leyline system.

There is an overall big focus on the spiritualisation of the waters, within and Planetary wide. Please see/ search for 'Krystal Waters' on Ascension Glossary of you want to know more.

Massive clearing of remaining mind control tech and Grid, especially Canada.

There's more but that's for now all I remember to share and have energy for.

Keep GOing DEEPer and deeper within.

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.

All you need to know and need to navigate these wild waters, lies within you, truly.

Stop trying to figure it all out with your mind and keep dropping into your Heart and connect with your Soul, with Source.

Go beyond what you believe to be true and simply ask to be shown The Truth.

All of our prayers have been collected and delivered to Source now, and they are being answered.




And re-member, this is a false holographic overlay, a controlled collective mass hallucination/ psychosis that we are now fully breaking out of by reclaiming The Truth, all from the inside out.

Now we re-claim and re-member our inherent God Power, and response-ability, as the Super Conscious Co-Creator's of ALL NEW REALITIES that we are!!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙

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