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Complex Energies

By: AQ

There is such an overwhelming symphony of lightworkers, starseeds and well known people on Youtube all having petty arguments and all calling each other out at this time who should know better. This is partly relational to the energies we are in this month which I detailed in my post on 28th October beginning -

"There are quite complex energies arriving at the moment"

You can't be in 5D and go around slandering people because your truth is different or because they triggered your shadow, which needed to be healed and was being facilitated in that moment for you to have a realisation anyway.

But why you might ask, is this unnecessary behaviour such an unhealthy spiritual practice going into these higher energies regards Gaia, ESPECIALLY going into the Christ consciousness zero point at the end of December? Can you explain this in detail to me please AQ..

Love and compassion are so important in a higher vibration because they allow us and others to do our shadow work without judgment and reach higher consciousness, offering a safe platform upon which to carry out this work whilst still receiving intuition from our star family and spirit which is working with us at all times. If we are not giving ourselves and others a platform of non judgment, then we are not only denying something inside of ourselves, but also the space for others to grow. The result of this is that planetary ascension slows down and the realisation of a 5D collective consciousness in unity is not achieved in a timely manner as more separation has in fact been created because shadow is still getting in the way. This is partly why it is also so important to love yourself to facilitate the light that is needed in shadow work so that you can direct more light into shadowy places. Dark cannot be defeated with more dark and judgement. As more self work is needed without projecting unto others.

From a balanced point of view, ESPECIALLY in relation to the energy of this month, I you find yourself going into unbalance or wanting to project onto others, it likely going to be 90% something in yourself needing healing.

I love you all dearly.

Much Love


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