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Commander Ashtar: We're Coming To An End

Channelled by Anjos e Luz Terapias Translated by Luce Light

Commander Ashtar:

We're Coming To An End

Dear brothers on planet Earth!


I would love to come here today, and simply say, a date, an exact time for each of you. Some do not realize that we are in the middle of a war and that the enemy side is not so weak. It is a very intelligent enemy and has been on this planet for many millennia. So they prepared a huge military apparatus, extremely destructible, for this planet.

Our battles are not easy, as each attack has to be thoroughly planned and tested. And then you can imagine, in your civilian minds, that an attack is something that you see in your films, that destroys a target and it's all over. In real war, nothing is like this: To eliminate one target is to strengthen another, stoking the enemy so that it takes contrary reactions.

So it's not as simple as you think. Every time we plan something, every time we execute a plan, this plan is executed on the timeline hundreds of times, so that we can be sure that we haven't missed a detail. So it is not just a target, there are many who are hit at the same time, precisely so that there is no time for retaliation. Many think that we are messing around, that we come here, talk, talk, talk, promise, promise, promise and nothing happens. We can even say that from the perspective of the Third Dimension, in the amplitude that your eyes see, it really seems that everything is the same, or maybe even worse. But on this side, we know what we are doing and what is happening.