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By: Archeia Aurora

We are still currently in the vortex from the Full Moon in Aries on October 20th. This Full Moon was bringing to light all of our external projects of self. All denied and rejected parts of self are appearing to us through others, external events & triggers. This Full Moon was opposing the Sun, Mercury & Mars in Libra, the sign of the mirror.

Aries is focused on self. Self-exploration, self-fulfillment, our path & destiny. Libra, its opposite, is the sign of the other. Libra sees itself through others and therefore seeks to bring harmony between itself and all things. It seeks to bridge the gap between “me” and “you.”

Aries creates enemies while Libra play’s devil’s advocate. Aries, in its lower form, is unable to see itself, as it can only focus on its own wants, need and desires & whatever external that opposes that, it seems to dominate and destroy. Libra on the other hand sees itself in all things, black and white, left and right, and struggles to discern between itself and others. This can create people pleasing and validation seeking.

This Full Moon, also bringing Chiron the wounded healer & Pluto the rebirther into the mix, brought to our awareness that there is no enemy. There is no “they”. All perceived external evils and enemies that we seek to defeat, is our own self projects. Our own rejected and fragmented parts of self that we cannot see, are then manifested externally.

The cosmic joke is that we are ALL each other. We are all the events, experiences, thoughts, & actions of the whole. That is the joke. Everything we are seeking to battle against, is a battle against ourselves. It is through the feminine energy of embracing, accepting, allowing and surrendering that we defeat the lower energy without ever picking up a sword.

Compassion and unbridled kindness, while still standing firm in our truth is how we transform all that is left to dissolve on this planet. Understanding comes when we drop our judgments, perceptions and opinions. This is planetary healing. This is evolution.

As we enter November, we begin Eclipses season that will take us into December. The axis themes of November will focus on Scorpio/Taurus, which highlights abundance, resources, sharing, hoarding, corruption & integrity. This is where the house of cards begins to fall and we all realize that those we thought were in integrity in fact were not. Those we thought were our enemy, are actually our ally. We the people, ALL people, are on the same team.

Ironically, even the Dark is on the same team, as all darkness really works for the Light. This is by divine design. Nothing can ever go against the Divine Plan and the Divine Decrees of Prime Source Creator. Even if the appearance seems to contradict these workings, it is always serving the highest. For without the dark, we could not see ourselves. Without the dark, we could not recognize light.

As we enter Scorpio Season, instead of focusing on the shadows, focus on the Light. Bring the innocence of wonder & curiosity rather and fear and assumption. We are in the midst of powerful magic, healing & miracles. Let us be open to receiving the powerful activations set to take us to the next levels of our Soul Journeys.


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