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Chaos or Calm?

By: Romy Wyser

Mercury has slowed down to back spin through Gemini, it creates a tough conversation with Neptune.

We can’t always trust what we hear or see and so the invitation is to dig deeper through the haze, confusion and overwhelm to reclaim parts of ourselves we’ve lost or disconnected from. So we can find our own answers and let the stillness soothe our anxious, tired minds.

Chaos or Calm? Reaction or Reflection? Drama or Downtime? Breakdown or Breakthrough? Confrontation or Connection? Stuck or Surrendering?

How do you want to align with this energy cycle?

No matter which way you turn sweet soul the answers are inwards. Choose to re-frame this transit and make it work for you. Flow with the energy to receive its gifts and take the time to review things within yourself, your expression and your connections. Calamity happens - its life.

You still get to choose your attitude towards it. Cathartic and cleansing you may need to move through some cloudy storms before you discover the bright blue skies you seek. The fragments of what’s been lost or left behind now has a chance to be re-evaluated to see what still holds value. Soothe your soul as you meet any uncomfortable emotions and keep letting yourself move into the growth of this season. Don't rush your process, flow with it. Gifts of creative genius are waiting for you here.

Thoughts can feel scattered and disconnected but lead into a state of surrender helping you open to higher divine intelligence and the breakthrough you need to reimagine what life is going to look like for you moving forward. You may find it harder to express what's in your heart. Take it as an invitation to sit with your feelings and work on aligning to your own vision of possibility before you’re ready to share.

Everyone and everything is a teacher, here to guide you to becoming the best version of yourself. The way things play out will help you to gain clarity and deeper trust in what you feel and how you want to express yourself. Take this perspective and you won't be disconnected from your pathway to peace.

Love & Blessings Romy Wyser

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