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Channeling from the Lyrans

Greetings brave human beings, you are the warriors. We watch and can see you fighting so hard for the light. Keep going. Keep fighting. Wear your armour with pride and draw your rainbow swords.We know at times it can feel like the challenges you face are near impossible, but be it so everything happens for a reason and the events are part of a much bigger plan, which you can not see unfolding.

We are making contact with many of you at this time. Please speak of these experiences, do not fear speaking out. Speaking out breaks the trauma of many years of the silence you have been forced under for many years. It its how lift the veil for your brothers and sisters.

We applaud you for the work you are planning to do, to move the earth into a different frequency. These changes will be felt collectively and just the intention of these changes causes massives waves of movement on your planet.

We love you and are with you every step of the way, trust your intuition and any communication you receive from us.

~ Jen Gibbon

Image Credit: Debbie Solaris

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