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By: Romy Wyser

Are you ready to lean in? Even when it doesn't feel familiar, even when it challenges you to find more tolerance and forgiveness as the fickle tides of your emotions want to carry you deeper into the void. Are you ready to trust again? To feel the desires that are wildly coursing through your veins and express them to the world without fear as you stand in your divine power. To make no apology for what it takes to honour your self-preservation, ready to release the energy of anything that cannot accept the magic and depth of your illuminated soul. Have you found acceptance? In your sensitivity and your intensity? these are your gifts to the world, do not hide their power and state you are living a beautiful life. There are mysteries deep as oceans within you, ready to rise up and carve out a new place in this world for a life of connection. A place where soft hearts awaken mighty rivers and the star-filled skies light the way with the maps of stories ready to be remembered and retold. Can you find your faith? Knowing that the darkness has held you safe and blinded your sight so that you finally come to remember who you are. Allowing you to exhale forgiveness to those sent to unlock the most wounded parts of your sacred self.

Will you recognise...

How empowered you are right now, forbidding the arrival of any false illusions to deny you of this truth. Awakening to the realisation that you can let go of the exhaustion you attached to the process of regaining your strength and now surrender to this cosmic rebirth. You wouldn’t have made it this far without shattering. It’s where the light streams in to allow the expansion to change you.

You have an infinite capacity to rise. To break and become more because of the beautiful light pieces you scatter in the dark so others can find their way. Your sacred self wants to be connected to more than just your mind right now. Your path doesn’t exist just in the words you speak, but the way you allow yourself to fall deeply into the wisdom of the earth, the cycles of your body and the infinite expression of intelligence held in the cosmos that you’re ethereally bonded to. This is the way. This is the work. You’re exceptional, the way you always find your way back to the inner well of strength that gifts you an infinity of reasons to keep going, to start over, to take the pause. This is the way. This is the work. You’re so awakened to the moments each day you’re about to abandon yourself, but now somethings changed. You stop and find the courage in the slow exhale that lets you choose differently.

A choice from a place of peace and higher love. Do you even know the enormity of what that choice just did for you? What that choice just did for all of us? It’s so charged with exquisite light you’d see heaven pouring out of you if your eyes could witness the miracle.

This is the way. This is the work. Evolving, healing, stumbling, discovering and opening to higher wisdom. You’re coded to a blueprint of the future you can’t yet see with your physical eyes but your sacred heart knows the way. The map reveals itself more clearly every time you choose to trust yourself. This is the way.

This is the work. Affirm... I allow deep waves of emotional healing to bridge the divide between hearts as I shine a light on the spirals of love and grief. This is the way. This is the work. Something greater will always emerge from the strength I’ve shown. Something beautiful will always grow where I’ve radiated the energy of love. Something divine will always protect me when I need space to breathe. The Cancerian Full Moon gifts you a powerfully loving and compassionate embrace, but is triggering an absolute commitment to “let go” as the opposition to Pluto dives deep into an abyss of blind spots then delivers them in a waterfall of truths that can no longer be denied. Arriving as a warrior of wisdom to free the painful knots that wrapped themselves around your heart in a cathartic, soulful surrender.

Choose to walk in your heart energy and you will discover words that heal. Pluto’s gaze is hypnotic and intense in this sacred lunar light. The stakes feel high as you weigh up the impact of ultimate change, preparing to say a final goodbye to old chapters that must now be alchemised in the sacred violet flame. And become the treasure that will be your new oracle in the voyage ahead. You’ll feel protective of your energy and your journey as you find solace in the places you feel safe, the vulnerability you willingly accept opens a portal to something even deeper. In the stillness you're invited to sit bravely with the unanswered questions that still linger in the air. Now is the time to be transparent in your intention and allow the changes to bring in deep clearing. How you respond to the leading edge conversation that is now in play is setting the tone for your experience. Let it be fuelled by love. When your words match your vibration you find reciprocity in the exchange of energies and courageously move into a more secure, loving and spiritually guided cycle that rewards your faith at every turn. Bright Blessings


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