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By: Ramona

As Divine Love dissolves the false holographic Matrix, inserts, memories and therefore Realities NOW!! Can you FEEL that? Can you see it collapsing, the house of cards, the false Matrix?! Everyone has placed their bets, now all comes to a head and it's conclusion.

Please also find the link to a video I put together, based on this post, included in the comments below, for those that prefer to listen. It includes additional insights and navigational tips. As well as the event link to Sunday's DIVINE LOVE & ATONEMENT ACTIVATION, for those interested.

We experienced a HUGE Timeline / Reality Leap on Sunday the 21st! The tables have turned and we have achieved major victories across the Grid System!! I could feel a fight between light and dark on Sunday which shifted in the afternoon UTC. The brighter and more powerful the light, the more the dark tries to push back out of pure survival. But the light consumes and alchemizes these lower frequencies, energies entities and vibrations back into light, through the power of Divine Love. This is what the Mother Arc, Blue and Aqua Ray assist with a lot, helping heal all of Creation back to its Divine Blueprints. Clarity and Remembering return! Third eyes and Sacred Krystal Hearts are opening wide! I smell and feel some sweet sweet Divine Timing and Justice rolling in!!

Now we have to let everyone have their own experience, to learn through actually seeing the truth for themselves as it arises from within. Manifestations are heightened and so are our gifts and abilities, can you feel your true power rising?! Fear is a powerful energy and your energy is your currency. Where your attention goes your energy flows. So being very mindful of what we focus upon becomes ever more important as we navigate the Timelines/ Realities in the quantum field. That doesn't mean we avoid things such as important life lessons and facing all that arises. But we KEEP SEEING the BIGger PICTURE!

Keep recoding, decoding and overwriting your reality! Lots of Timeline edits and jumps keep unfolding and time is not what you think it is, all is vastly accelerated now, as we continue to collapse, integrate, merge and sort through a lot of Timelines especially when we rest, sleep or meditate. There's a LOT going in the etheric and we're busy at all levels of Creation with so much unfolding beyond the veils that keep dissolving rapidly now.

These massive Plasma Lightbody & DNA Upgrades we have been receiving are now complete! The past two weeks especially had many of us super tired and needing a lot of rest as these Upgrades took place. Together with these super powerful Higher Heart-Mind Galactivations are truly Pow to the WOW and can make one feel anxious and nervous as well as tired, sleepy and needing extra rest.

Since Tuesday I am seeing a huge influx of White Platinum Diamond Light Codes, Golden Liquid Krystal/ Christ Light and Tri-wave Plasma infusions, assisting the re-encryption of our and the planetary Lightbody. It's been a full on bio-regenesis process we have been undergoing these past weeks and months especially, and which has been vastly accelerated. I see the Aurora Krystal Waters everywhere running through our and the Planetary Grids and healing our Hearts and bodies. Big focus on the clearing and purification of AI black goo, negative alien machinery especially connected to mind control programming and psychotronic weapons, dark cortexes, dumbs, underground facilities and tunnel systems. This was and is a huge part of the Collective Group Activations from Sunday (see more info to this Sunday's Activation also in comments below).

Many may have felt very off upon waking today (Wed 24th). At least I did and could immediately sense a lot of interference in the field which has been plenty of lately, especially AI related. There was also an attack planned by our 'opposition' for tomorrow which was connected to psychotronic warfare. This had been disabled. Huge wins across the Grids today!! HUGE clearings and dissolution of the artificial Matrix Grid and negative alien technology. At the end of the cleanup operation today I saw besides the butterflies, flowers and white Doves (it's three of them!) also unicorns, fairies and many other magical beings, plants and Crystalline structures arising from the Grids!!


Also: FULL RECLAMATION of the Krystal Spiral, Core Encryption Source Codes, Aurora Krystal Seed, God Seed Atom, Eternal Life Lotus, Quantum Tree of Life - our Divine Blueprints, Core Encryption and Eternal God Source back flow return/ eternal life energy flow fully reclaimed and downloaded!! This can be understood as the correct sacred geometries of creation having been returned to Earth and Humanity! I saw on Tuesday the Eternal Life Lotus all over Earth as the Flower of Life configuration (which the old inverted grid system is based upon) changed angulation.


Powerful Purification Healing and Upgrades to our whole morphogenetic field, Templates and Blueprints, DNA and Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody. Also removal of AI/ false programming as we re-connect to the Godhead and Christ/ God Source Consciousness. Our brain goes offline as we get data wiped. Also affects memories and our Perception! Can you feel how all the limiting programming is falling away and your power is arising from within?! Do you remember that this is all a false holographic Matrix hologram you keep giving your energy and consent to? Can you see it for what it is? All based on false memories and beliefs, all inverted and reversed?!! It's not even real!!!

Old memories = old, false/ artificial timelines/ realities

New/ True Memories = new organic/ true Ascension Timeline/ Realities

The following is an overview of what I see unfolding energetically and cosmically over these past days, which is also the feedback on Sundays Group Activation/s, as these are Collective and affect everyone and all of this is inter-connected as we keep anchoring these as a group powerfully on behalf of ALL!

Big focus on clearing of AI materials, toxins, parasites, implants, holographic inserts, black goo. Elemental re-encryption, blood/line Healing, clearing reversals, negative hybrid genetic codes, miasma, clearing of negative effects of the v to the a to the x also part of AI materials

Massive clearing and Activation of the inner and Planetary Grids and 'new' technologies, Clearing and take over of NDC Grid system (old reversal grid system) and alien technology, especially Crystal technology

Clearing of dumbs, underground facilities and tunnel systems with plasma light. Special focus on Canada, BC, Stonehenge, Stargates and Q sites of Stargates 10-11 (Iran/ Iraq and UK)

Big focus on Lightbody and DNA Activations, gifts and abilities and inner and outer technology should come online very quickly now! This was a big msg! I can already feel it in my work with the Human and Planetary Lightbody, I can feel a lot of power coming online!!

Healing of gender divide, sexual misery programming, SRA, misogyny, patriarchal programming. I am also receiving the msg that the Maxwell trial is all part of this as this had to clear (esp the Shane and guilt around these topics) from the Collective Consciousness before the trial happens so it can be properly face, digested and bring Collective Healing to this core wounding within humanities Psyche.

A powerful visual was being shown the first man and woman merging back together as ONE again, as if sown back together. Since then I have experienced a beautiful weaving, braiding and merging of Masculine and Feminine Energies within me. I am being shown the 'Golden Christ Child' symbolically rising from within the Heart Centre as if being born - The Holy Trinity!!

Pulsar wave sending powerful electromagnetic waves of radiation from the Galactic Centre helping open especially third eye and any remaining blocks as well as assisting whole-brain state. Head felt like about to explode during the second half of Sunday's Activation.

Huge Avatar Activation! Activated, anchor, lock and seal - Complete! This is our 10-12D Christ Consciousness identity level. But truly were going full Multidimensional!We also received correct/ed coordinates to align with true Soul family as part of this.

Aurora Crystal placed in our High Heart (where we also have the Permanent God Seed Atom. To me this is the 12D Starbody template, actually 15D (13-15D is anti-matter so pre-matter and not physicalized.

I saw the Sacred Divine template of the 144 DNA strands merge into ONE Golden Strand. The fragmentation is the separation so this is symbolic of the healing of the separation between the many different races and tribes across Creation. Remembering we all come from the same Source, the common connection between ALL races!

Platinum Crystal & Sun Disk Network Activation assisting with the merging of matter and anti-matter, running the highest available energy current and frequencies through the grid system and Crystal Core of Earth, assisting the current Activations of the Crystalline Network and New Grid System, healing reversals and AI signals plus so much more. It allows us to hold, embody and anchor more Frequency, hydroplasmic light and the full spectrum of Crystalline Rainbow Plasma light. It brings harmonization to the Polarities.

Realignment, Purification and Activations of axiatonial lines ( vertical) and horizontal laylines and diagonal laylines - grid system!

Towards the end of the Activation I saw the participants floating In bubbles but as if in space above Earth, in iridescent pastel rainbow plasma coloured light, laughing and giggling and sending the Activations to others in the Collective field through Crystalline Rainbow Plasma Bubbles. Floating totally free and unattached yet connected to all and everyone.

Releasing false beliefs around Love and relationships such as 'Love is blind'.

I've been going deeper within the purging of my own core wounds around betrayal and lack of support. Even when we know the reasons for why people betrayed us and we do not receive the support we would like to receive, it still requires it to be triggered and purged to be released energetically. So my tip is to just be present with all that arises, to love it all up and know the real truth, which is usually the reverse of what is playing out. Also the lack of recognition many of us have been feeling is down to a lot of fuckery is what has been confirmed to me. It is important that we truly understand the immensity of interference many of us had to endure and live with. To have compassion with all we had to overcome and endure whilst being massively bullied. So yes it's been like a boot camp but with bullies. It's important to embrace and understand this fully and acknowledge the massive impact this had had on all of our life's. This journey and life were not meant to be this hard!! I was clearly shown this, and I feel it's important to make this point and share.

Truly no-thing is as it seems here. Re-member, all is in reverse and upside down here, YET the tables have turned now!!

As I shared on Monday, I also saw a few (3!) doves rising along with ever more flowers and butterflies all across Earth which to me is signalling the imminent Victory I can also see in the field. The full and complete liberation of humanity is at hand and no-thing can stop this!!

ALL HANDS & HEARTS IN DECK! LET'S DO THIS!! Remember, it's all about Frequency not linear time!

I am seeing a lot of blue and white rays assisting with the purification and healing of Earth and Humanity. As well as more violet and green coming in, also connected to the Earth's tribal shield and 12 root races, as we heal as a Collective Consciousness and merge back into the ONEness, healing the fragmentation and separation that is at the core of all the suffering.

I was also shown the energy field which was before like shard's of glass, reflecting the fragmentation of the Consciousness and energy field and I see it all healing, merging and mending.

With all of our false and past memories being cleared, the true remembering arises and with it the memories of these timelines and our incarnations. For me lots of Lemurian/ past Timelines Clearing. May be different for each, for others Atlantis etc. Our Remembering is returning and so much clarity keeps arising from beneath the heavy clearings healings and brain fog

We're coming full circle of our souls journey here in this time-space continuum.

Our Divine missions are coming truly to their Completion as we have or are passing our final PhD exam's now.

We are being asked to now fully surrender to Divine Will all we can not make happen by ourSelfs. As we surrender to the Divine from within The ONEness, we allow ALL OF CREATION TO SURRENDER TO THE DIVINE. Because in the end, at the deepest level, all beings want to be free, at peace, feel love and connection - ALL are ONE truly.

There has also been heavy AI interference especially for the past two weeks, as the focus of the Activations was also on clearing this and as they've just been trying to make us give up at the last hurdle. Neutralize it through the Zero Point Field, through Neutrality and Divine Love.

And if you keep hating, resenting or trying to suppress the things that have happened to you and made you the person you are today, you will never truly understand the lessons and wisdom they carry, nor able to Love yourself fully, AS YOU ARE. Which is really what all of this is about. Imagine a world where people truly loved themselves!

Now we really deepen into the Gratitude of all that we do have and seeing everything from the higher perspectives gained. As we do, we re-program our Realities and then send this out and make it available within the Collective field of Consciousness, de-code everything! We are the new Christ Consciousness Broadcasting Stations!

BELIEVING IS TRULY SEEING NOW! Manifest New Earth! Keep overwriting the old!

FEEL into the Abundance, Freedom and Truth available NOW! Keep tuning into and merging with your 'future' Self in another time-space continuum and Reality, available NOW in the quantum field! In a Timeline where the negative alien invasion was stopped, before we became a prison planet. Back to the future and the One True Organic Ascension Timeline/ Reality!

The tiredness you may be feeling is a deep regeneration, purification, healing, rebalancing, harmonization and rejuvenation process happening. Allow it. RELAX and know the worst is over. We're getting ready for the CELEBRATIONS!!!

Manifestations are extra super heightened. Everyone will see now how we create our own Realities for themselves. I feel it's going to get a little crazier now, as in surreal and also more magical. A mix of the old fully collapsing and the new arising. What outcomes and scenarios have you prepared for and are continuously co-creating?

Can you surrender all you believe you need and want in your life and just give it up to the Divine, to Source and ask and be wide open for the best to come to you now? To leave the Possibilities wide open! Because even when we think we know what's best for us, do we really? And can we also believe that now we shall have experiences that are loved and joy-based, that good and magical things are on their way to us! Because the tables have truly turned now and the cabal has already fallen.

For SO IT IS!!

Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona


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