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Breaking the cycles

New Earth Rising

Dear friends, please be aware, that 90% of humanity is still on the cycle, of victim - persecuter - rescuer.

Even those awakening are here if they are still looking to embody or engage with/as perpetrators, rescuers or victims. Very few people can read truth, intel and news and not be on this cycle.

Not coincidentally, this cycle is exactly where the dark ones would love for us to exist daily.

Can you make the connection?

Get outside and play in the grass. Climb a mountain. Cook a meal. If something happens that you need to know about, you will Know.

Breaking this cycle is how the New Earth Rises from within!

Fellow Pioneers of the New Earth,

This is a call for warriors of the light to check ourselves.

Many of us have developed an unproductive habit of reveling in duality & demonizing those who are not in perfect alignment with our image of the True history of humanity. This unhelpful behavior, though it feeds the ego, only reinforces duality & deepens the trench we are striving to pull humanity up out of.

Let's find another way.

Those of us who have dipped into both sides of current world stage polarities know that the story is skewed from all sides. Many who have awakened to a more honest perception of a previously held ideology know that there is no absolute being presented in the outside world.

No news source, no truther, no political figure or hero is holding or shining light on the whole picture, so we are all asked to come back to center to find the intuitive compass that will draw us towards our own Knowingness. Many adventures with red pills and rabbit holes have led us to explore closer to the answers we seek, but never to the heart of absolute truth.

Keep in mind, that many of the current heros who are helping to bring darkness to light are able to do so because they KNOW the dark story too well.

Read that again, and then visualize your favorites.

This last statement is important to understand and take in. Take a deep breath and consider this. Many of our favorite perceived heros have played perpetrator. They Know the dark that we fight and are equipped to take it on, because they understand what we are dealing with on a cellular level.

Those of us who have broken free from liberal or any other cultish type mindset might understand this. If we acknowledge that we have spent time thinking we were on the morally superior side of the dualistic program, then maybe we have also started to realize that it's ALL broken. Some programming is more deeply engrained in the dark agenda, but what is real is that none of the story is clean of mind control program and codes.

The way free from matrix programming that we have all been victim to is to getting closer to our heart compasses and breaking through polarized thinking.

We need to hop off the victim/ perpetrator/ rescuer cycle in order to realize that we have all perpetuated this cycle. We need to forgive starting with self.

It's easy to blame the perpetrators... isn't that what this year has been about? We have them all over, the elite, the officials, the media, the corrupt medical system, this truther or that one, and of course those whose lives and ancestral lineages are tainted with the Satanic Ritual Abuse that is at the core of the current war.

But what about the rescuers? Where do they come in? Those of us who identify as rescuers are desperate for perpetrators to commit acts against victims. If no one is willing to play victim or perpetrator then we rescuers are lost, empty and without purpose. We want to feel good about ourselves and how can we do that if we have no one to save? Rescuers can't help but look for proof that the "other" is evil. We need it if we are to maintain the morally superior program. This "otherizing" is exactly how we play into the dark plan.

Let's do better. Lets hop off of the cycle of drama. Let's get honest about how our own karmic history contributed to the current state of the world, and lets recognize that the way towards breaking the system is by disengaging from it and leaning in towards the creation of life on Earth that we have all been dreaming of.

We can and will do this once we turn our gaze back towards our heart center and listen for the call forward.

As we step into radical honesty about our own role in this saga, this is how we rise as the New Earth.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!!

~ ariel rose


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1 Comment

Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas
Apr 16, 2022

So Ariel Rose said to just hang out and wait until you hear from the truth tellers. That has been my comment for the last two years. There is no truth unless you were there. So you just have to wait. But then why all the codes, the Gematria, the discussion groups and the guessing? Why are there people in the know who are limited by a NDA? We watch their online programs but just gain more things to guess about. I say the PLAN is flawed big time. We should have simply been told to just go away until we have something to tell you. Then we can just get back to watching Archie. Bunker.

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