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I cannot put into words the waves of euphoria that hit me. When the wind strikes through my hair, the Sunrays heat up my skin and my heart starts to tingle.. or when my feet touch the wet ground and I get to gaze upon this rainbow moonlight, wow Mom. I see us all united as one and sing and care for mother earth together. Learn, grow and evolve together merging into the ONEness with ALL of creation!

I am greatful Mother for this internal feelings. BLISS I hear. Yes, truly. My whole soul is celebrating the grand essence of Mother in everything she created! It is a war, confusing Time internally. Yet eternally within in the heart, we find our peace space. I find my happy place where ever I I, because I know you are with me mom. It is a peaceful space, yet SO EXCITED for what is coming. I am a conduit of Light, radiating love and joy, birthing the new paradigm through BEing simply Love in action.

I thank you Mama for these cleansing full moon energies, for the vibrant empowering energies streaming into this planet. Thank you for this family, to share these moments with.YEEEEEHAW Mama, bring it on angels ❤🔥❤I love you all with all my heart.

~ Kat


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