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BIG energies pouring in as we enter the Full Moon/Equinox Week

By: Celia Fenn

BIG energies pouring in as we enter the Full Moon/Equinox week.

It is here.

Power is roaring in and people are feeling it big time.

Most of us are feeling it in the head and Pineal gland area, and so are having migraines, dizziness and sleep problems, or all at the same time.

I am also feeling exhausted at times.

My experience is that as we embody our Soul and open to the Human Angelic Template in the DNA, we are able to receive and transmit so much more of the Plasma Light Codes that are coming through. We are literally shining and glowing.

But, this is having an effect on the physical vehicle that is not used to holding so much energy. Everything is magnified, and you may feel huge waves of emotions and feelings moving through you that are exhausting.

The secret to dealing with these flows is first to be grounded, and secondly not to try to analyse and hold onto the feelings.

I was shown in a dream that most of us are not able to ground these energies, mostly because we are used to grounding in a 'linear" way, and these energies spiral and are circular. I have started grounding from my heart in circles into the Earth and back to my heart. It flows and is more comfortable.

As these BIG energies flow through you and set off big reactions and deep feelings, please don't try to analyse and label and find a narrative. That way of being is over. We are now learning to flow with the energy and RELEASE it. Holding onto it and trying to "work it out" will blow your system.

Just LET GO and Flow.

Breathe. Circular breathing and circular energy patterns will help you to move through these big energies without blowing anything and feeling discomfort.

Self care this week should include lots of water, and light food. I am finding smoothies help as my digestion cannot cope with heavy food in these powerful energies.

I will be posting more about the Equinox soon.

Have a peaceful and calm Sunday.

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