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Beltane New Moon Eclipse

By: Alison Dhuanna


The New Moon is a great time to make your intentions for the month ahead and in this blog, I will offer you pointers as to best way to take advantage of the Cosmic energies.

The New Moon this month takes place in earthy, sensual Taurus on the 30 April 2022 at 20.27 GMT the day before Beltane 1st May. In Britain there are schools and towns that celebrate Beltane with the Maypole dance. The Pole represents the Father Sky Phallus entering Mother Earth and the dancers weave ribbons in quite a wonderful way. Beltane is a time to celebrate the birds and the bees, to make love and celebrate being alive. If your sexuality is a bit shut down it is a good time for healing this important source of our energy.

This New Moon falls in Gene Key 24 which has the Shadow of Addiction, the Gift of Invention And the Siddhi of Silence. An addiction in this context, as explained by Richard Rudd in The Gene Keys book, is a powerful neural pathway that creates a pattern that goes around and around, often through pain and pleasure cycles. We may seem incapable of changing the habit even though we know it’s not doing us any good.

A good question to ask ourselves is are we using our time and resources in a way that is enriching our lives or are we perhaps wasting a lot of time? Addictions are quite capable of eating whole lives and they most often lead to tragedy if not addressed. Addictions often arise from a desire not to feel and are linked to coping with trauma.

From many years of breaking addictions there are two things that I found have really worked. The first is to begin something new that you can consistently do daily for around 40 days to create a new neural pathway, naturally lighting up the brain environment. Also, to stop giving yourself a hard time about addictions because that only actually strengthens the ‘pain’ cycle. So be kind and patient with yourself and that too will start to cultivate the right conditions for change.

The Goddess Asteroids are powerful new archetypes that can help us repair the fabric of the male female equilibrium within ourselves and in the world, so let’s have a look at their message.

Vesta the Priestess is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. Vesta is all about our Inner Sovereignty and living from an authentic place. She can also give us a lot of focus and Saturn can give us perseverance so this is a time to get a job done that you may have been putting on for a while. This is supported by Mercury going into Gemini. Mercury retrograde begins 9th May so use that as an opportunity to go back over old ground checking the detail and researching materials.

Saturn may also show us where we are constricted and wounded in relation to this archetype of the Priestess. If we acknowledge that 9 million women died in the burnings for carrying the Vesta gifts (oracular powers for example) we can get an idea of how deeply rooted our fears are around this archetype – and yet she also holds the key to living life on our own terms, creating a new reality with focused intention and not being swept along in other people’s agendas. Vesta and Saturn are in Gene Key 49 with its Shadow of Reaction, Gift of Revolution and Siddhi of Rebirth.

Astrea Goddess of the New Golden Age and also the Sacred Artist is conjunct Mars in Pisces. If you see an opportunity for dance or movement this month, take it up because it will perfectly complement these energies. As our world cracks and breaks part Astraea is bringing in more light and awareness increasing our sensitivity.

Yesterday I was reflecting that when I was a child nobody talked about emotional intelligence. I grew up in South Africa under Apartheid and so I realize now the government had a vested interest in ensuring the population were not emotionally intelligent. Is that true of your country? It’s very hard to keep oppression and wars going and pull people into stories when they are awake and aware, compassionate and open hearted. The passionate energy of Mars can really energize Astraea in this month ahead.

Venus is exactly conjunct Jupiter at the New Moon which is exciting with Neptune just a few degrees behind them in Pisces. This is another very positive energy that can expand our hearts as we grow in compassion and emotional intelligence in the month ahead. All three of these bodies are in Gene Key 36 with its Shadow of Turbulence, Gift of Humanity and Siddhi of Compassion. Can we start to feel even compassionate towards people who give us a hard time? Perhaps they give us a hard time because they are in a dark place, are numbed out towards how their actions are affecting others. Can we recognize they are caught in a low frequency maya and we don’t have to get dragged in there ourselves. Letting go is freedom and in this way we burn off our karma very effectively.

The Kala Sarpa Yoga, a very stressful astrological alignment which has been going on from February until now is ended as Mercury moves into Gemini. What has been buried and hard to say until now may feel some sense of release and find expression. The release of pressure though may be brief though as Pluto turns retrograde on the 28th April in Gene Key 60 known as the Cracking of the Vessel with the Shadow of Limitation. What is no longer serving you may be washed away now like sand castles. As the name suggests this Pluto retrograde may continue to expose abuses of power and crack open old illusions and systems brining another wave of endings.

Also changing signs at this New Moon is Pallas Athena moving into Taurus and Gene Key 3.5 which has the highest frequency of Innocence. Pallas in Taurus is the Earth Warrior and so this is a great month to have a Beltane celebration of your own. Here in Britain, there is going to be the first national Dawn Chorus Day celebrating the birds with their songs being live streamed by the RSPB. How could you celebrate the fertility of Spring where you live?

Warmest wishes,



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