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Beloved People on Earth!- Quan Yin

Finally, finally, the energies in you have risen so much that the emotions flow; the soothing, healing and cleansing cry comes to the surface.

You feel the sadness - both in your own inner child and in other people. You the empaths - which most of you are reading this - you can see in front of you all the children you have met - in this and in other lives - you can relive their feelings and you can cry their cries. Maybe the child has been an adult for a long time or maybe the child no longer lives on earth at all. It does not matter, you cry your tears and feel unconditional deep love for them all. You - men and women - send the most beautiful deepest Love to all the children of the World.

With what is happening now, what has been blocked is transformed and transformed it dissolves into nothingness and is transformed into love. Love for the children in general, love for yourselves, love for your fellow human beings and for their inner children.

Naturally, there is a greater understanding of "the other" polarity, those that you have not felt equated with before. You all get, without exception, a greater sense of equal value for all. A little more understanding for the addicts, the troublemakers, the abusers, maybe even for the murderers when you can now see the little inner child in them too.

As Jesus said, you know:

"Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

In these strong energies of Love awaken feelings of unity, feelings of togetherness. You who call yourselves light workers and all of you others - NOW it is truly time to stop judging or judging others. No one is better, no one is worse than anyone else. Everyone is equally close to God / the Source. All are ONE and we in another dimension as you approach more and more - WE ARE ALL ONE. We are a community and we do an outstanding job that has never been done before in the history of the Universe.

There is no turning back, everything is transformed in this fantastic great metamorphosis - our all-Beloved Gaia with all its animals, plants, and natural beings that you can see more and more. Soon everything will be visible to you.