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Being The One

By: Ramona Lappin

What if our whole reality was the fiction of our imagination? What if none of it existed? All made up by the mind, One conscioussness dreaming it all into being. What if we were living in a type of video game with different levels/ dimensions and all was like a dream just with different layers of densities. That the only thing that was truly real was Source where all is One and all originates from and returns to and One is always atONEment with. All other layers of this game are but part of that, these being the different dimensions. God Source being the only true reality and all else, all fragmentations, separation into different forms of consciousness bodies, all duality, was but a dream. A dream to imagine all the ways conscioussness could experience itself as. From the highest most delightful and joyful expressions to the deepest, darkest and most painful ones, One can imagine and create.

When Neo gets shot by the agent in The Matrix he survives, why is that? Because he has transcended it, the Maya, he knows, he remembers, that he is dreaming and none of it exists. That there is no spoon because it doesn't exist, it's a 'hallucination', part of the dream. That's why later on no bullets can hit him. He knows they're not real, that all is energy which he learned/ remembered how to manipulate.

I'm just using this example as it makes it easier to share what I'm trying to convey. Also, it is one thing to understand the concept of All is One and another to actually feel it, be it, and knowing that we are all potentially The One, it's just that we've forgotten. A fractal of God Source but also all of it. That all we imagine exists and it is for us to follow down the rabbit hole and see where it leads us. The reassurance is that it will always lead us back to our true Self and Source. Time is parallel, all exists simultaneously, in truth there is no past or future. We exist in all moments of time at once, the time we were born, the time it was our 7th birthday, the time we had our first kiss, the first time our heart felt broken, and the time we die in this physical body and all those other life's we're living. All is happening simultaneously. All is interconnected. And we are always One with God Source. There is nothing to be afraid of or we could miss out on as WE ARE it, ALL OF IT, all of the time. The rest is illusion and forgetfulness.

In this way we then understand that truly all is always conspiring for us, nothing and no one is against us, even though from a 'lower' perspective this may seem so. Even when for the majority of the time in our human life's we have learned through pain and trauma, instead of play and joy. That still is all part of the dream, how could it not. This is of course as simple and as complex as one makes it, infinite layers to that we call conscioussness, and all is that. So there is just One here, there are no others. At another level of course there are, but we are solving this puzzle from a higher viewpoint. It's bothand. As the saying goes, you can't solve a problem from the level it exists, you have to rise above it. From there all can be seen simultaneously for what it is, each level from from a different perception. Here there is no good versus evil, there is no war besides the inner, the imagined. So when there are no others and we are everything and everyone, we have dreamt this all into being as The One, then we also have the power to dream another dream into being. We are Eternal and there is no beginning and no end, all is NOW. Remembering, that every level of this game is valid and exists in energetic form, yet we also know that we can work with this energy, transform it, influence it, as we are One with it as well as all of Life. Yet this power will only be accessible to the One's that have aligned with the Oneness of all that is, Embodiment of the Law of One, as The One.

And we remember that everything is inside of us and not out there.


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