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Become Within The Dream You've Wished For

Friends Of Light!

Indeed, It May Seem To Many That The Painting You Have Created With Care, Has Running Colors Down The Canvas And Onto The Ground.  Remember This, Beloved Ones!  Part Of Awakening Feels Like Breaking Down!  Not Fun In The Process, But So Worth The Journey To Light!

As You Are Bringing Many Patterns To A Close, These Are Aspects Of Your Being And Thinking That Are Resisting Change.  The Subconscious Mind Must Be Reprogrammed. From Birth Until About Seven Years Old, You Were Running Without Filters!  You Were Taking In Everything Around You!  Were You Abused?  Were You Living In Wealth?  Did You Live In Poverty And Hunger?  What Colored Your World?  What Did You First Paint On Your Canvas?  Maybe It Is Time To Start A Fresh Canvas And Create What You Really Desire!

Once You Make Up Your Mind, Let Nothing Stop You!  This Could Mean A Change In Everything You Believed Was Set In Stone!  Nothing Is Set In Stone! Even The Stone Will Disappear!