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August 2023 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


It’s a new month and another new vibe but this one is different from what we have been experiencing – it is a lot more purposeful and intentional, not quite as random with the downloads and shifts as we saw in June and July but don’t get too comfy because we are still in a very intense energy period which continues for another 2 weeks and that is going to shake things up a lot, as we are already seeing.

August will bring clarity and action but it’s a trade-off of sorts, we must be willing to take the lead and learn to let go when it’s the appropriate and best thing to do – even if we do not want to.

Transformation is a big theme in August, along with whatever that includes. We must be willing to let it all go so it can be replaced, if necessary. Our commitment to our own joy is front and center this month and with heavy Saturn activity, we are going to be taken to task wherever we are not being authentic, true to ourselves, and operating in the illusion instead of our own reality.

Letting go is also big August theme as is recalibrating our own center which has probably been shaken off balance by recent and past events. In August we have time to reconsider, re-vibe, renew, and re-source our life and ascension paths.

August comes in with a huge burst of energy and it leaves that way too since August 1 and August 31 are both full moon dates and these full moons come with very powerful aspects. So we have that to look forward to, we have the 8-8 Lion’s Gate, and in spite of multiple retrogrades, including personal planets venus and Mercury, it’s an action packed month (again). It’s a month for setting things right and being open to new pathways because they may just happen in spite of your best efforts to stop, delay, or prevent them.

The energy theme of August is The Inflection Point and that is going to bring necessary change, even if it is not welcome, we aren’t ready, or we participate under protest. There are things that we must accomplish to stay aligned with specific energy milestones and if we aren’t doing the work or making the effort then the Universe will just take over the wheel and make sure that we get to that destination. It’s a matter of divine timing and energetic alignment right now and we each have a role to play in the ascension cycle but if we are not where we need to be, doing what we need to be doing, with the people who need to be part of that process, we will get pushed into place. It’s going to be an interesting month.

August is the 8th month of the year and in 2023, which is a 7 year, we have 8 + 7 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6. Six is the number of descension, where we have access to spiritual downloads of energy and information that we need to integrate and move into our new paradigms.

The ascension cycle follows this path and it is a constantly renewing process that we have committed to as part of our ascension work. The 6 energy of August is much easier than the 5 energy of July. It’s more defined and the downloads are less chaotic. But it is still part of our work here and in a 6 energy we are sure to have heavy download activity so be prepared.

I have to mention the 8-8 Lion’s Gate event, an annual August event, which will be a triple 8 in 2024 and it will be extra potent. The 2023 8-8 Lion’s Gate is a 5 in numerology which adds an uncomfortable edge to it. 5 is an awkward number which lacks the balance of 4 and the symmetry of 6. It gives a sense of the space ‘in between’, not comfortable with itself, wanting to move forward or back to achieve balance and symmetry. It is an awkward number as there is always something extra with it. I remember as a child and our family of 5, someone always had to sit in the middle in the back seat. That was sometimes me but since I always got carsick I got to sit by a window! It was still awkward, there was always that feeling of imbalance.

This year’s Lion’s Gate is going to be focused on energizing our ascension, establishment of the foundation for our 13 strand DNA Activation, emotional energy balancing, high heart activation, Christed Awareness and more work on our light body attunements. We have been integrating these changes for quite a while – I have been teaching my 13 Strand DNA Activation program since 2015 and we have been through several iterations of that, each one building on the foundation we set for our ascension progress. Just remember it is a relay race, not a marathon. There is no finish line and there is no prize for the biggest, fastest, or best ascension runner. This is a very individual and personal journey.

August begins with a full moon in Aquarius that is closely aligned with Saturn which is also the historic ruler of Aquarius. I believe we are going to see a lot of relationship endings this month and in the coming months and maybe not just the endings themselves but the shift in the way we allow, enter into, and behave in relationships. The other August full moon on August 31 also has a heavy Saturn influence which gives the entire month a very heavy Saturn feeling but don’t think this is a bad thing. Saturn is about lessons and learning, spiritual maturity, balance, and not letting ourselves get too enmeshed in our spirituality so we forget to keep our feet on the ground.

One of our 5D energy aspects is community and if you have noticed that you are less inclined to want to engage with people who are not energetically resonant with you, this is another byproduct of our ascension cycle. I have been talking about the growing need for 5D communities for many years and we are moving to that paradigm now.

Do not be surprised if you set your intention to create your 5D community and to find your energetic family and you notice a big shift in your relationships and connections or you suddenly decide to move to a new place and immediately feel much more energetically aligned there. We have done our Portal Keeper missions for a long time and we can now move out of them and live in places where we can be surrounded by a community of like-spirited people. I am definitely looking forward to that!!

As we progress through this cycle resonance becomes the dominant factor in how we choose our relationships and connections but not the resonance with our healing journey, we want resonance with our highest aspects, those that are aligned with our energetic wholeness and congruence. We have completed many healing cycles and now we must focus on creating connections that allow us to expand energetically rather than repeating more iterations of our karmic cycles and the need for healing. Acceptance is part of this path, as is acknowledging everyone’s energetic sovereignty, without judgment. When we judge others we set ourselves up to connect with them and start a healing cycle.

While that is a path that we can take, I would prefer to avoid that and follow the path of joy instead. Would you? I don’t know about you but I am less and less inclined to participate in healing cycles with others and I am very done with the karma of the past occupying center stage in the present. I find that I am not attracted to the drama, trauma, and chaos of karma and I now trust that those who are involved in karmic cycle know what they are doing and when they want that to end they will find solutions that do not involve my input. Remember that the purpose of LIFE is Liberty Independence Freedom Expansion. So the question to ask ourselves now is how relationships contribute to our life – our liberty, independence, and freedom expansion, not whether we can heal someone.

As we become more energetically sovereign we exchange the fulfillment of our emotional needs and the prices we have to pay for that for the congruence of our energy flows. Where the fulfillment of our emotional needs often drains us of energy and we pay a heavy cost in terms of our time, energy, and effort, we now have the option to choose energetic fulfillment that leads to emotional wholeness.

With emotional trauma we seek the healing of our emotions instead of going one step further and shifting the energy that created the emotional trauma. Imagine you experience a lot of betrayal in relationships. There are two ways to resolve this issue. One is to choose partners who will betray you and hope that you can heal them so that they no longer act this way. That can take a long time and lead to a lot of heartbreak and disappointment.

The other way is to energetically re-align your relationship paradigm so you no longer need to prove your value and instead, you choose relationships with people who love, honor, and respect you. Now you won’t get the emotional fulfillment of trying to heal someone but you know that doesn’t work out very well anyway.

In August we will have a lot of help in this area from the stern discipline of Saturn as well as the action of Venus retrograde in Leo with Mercury retrograde in Virgo. So if you find that your old relationships with people who cling to you with their problems and who are part of your healing paradigm are no longer attractive, be prepared to focus on energetic wholeness and congruence in relationships.

The healing paradigm is no longer going to be an attractive option. We want relationships that can grow, that can be joyful, that are harmonious and that are energy expanding instead of energy draining.

August’s theme is the Inflection Point and it began in July with the Pluto square the Node in Aries/Libra at 29 degrees. I know I have mentioned this aspect a lot in the past few weeks because it is very rare and it is very powerful. It is also the final big aspect that Pluto is going to make as it completes its 17 year journey through Capricorn, not to return for another 248 years.

During its tenure in Capricorn Pluto has turned the global 3D paradigm on its head, created the Great Awakening, set the stage for the massive growth in ascension awareness that we have experienced, and revealed many deep layers of troubling corruption, greed, manipulation, and deception. If you no longer see the world in the same way you’re not alone and rather than sit around and complain or get depressed, we are being shown these things so that we can change them.

In the August 2015 Energy Report I wrote “There is no ‘they’ who rule the world, other than those who have amassed all of the money while we were watching reality TV. The real power is something that cannot be controlled but it can be manipulated, only when we’re unaware”. Here ‘unaware’ refers to being unaware of our creative power, the power which allows us to create our reality via our intention, the power that we have to create miracles and to turn energy into matter.

Now that the collective awareness has reached both critical mass and critical momentum, we are at the inflection point where everything must change. This is not a voluntary process, it is the byproduct of intense pressure from the awareness of a reality that we can no longer sustain or maintain, and that we no longer want. The inflection point is the point of movement into transformation, which happens when we are under so much pressure to transform because the current reality is too painful to maintain. In this case we have no alternative but to allow transformation because we cannot do anything else – things must change and we must allow them to.

Feeling like we are without alternatives is disempowering but it should not be because when we arrive at the point where all of our old options no longer work we get to put our new powers into play. What do we now know about intention, alignment, manifestation, miracles, energy boundaries, and frequency and vibration that we can use to create a new paradigm for our reality? We have the tools and the knowledge, we just need to use it. And now is the time.

In mid-August we have a new moon that exactly squares Uranus in Taurus so that’s going to give us the power to change. The planets are lined up to support us and if we do not act voluntarily we are going to get a little push forward now. Our purpose in life is to dominate our karma and expand our energies, it’s not to sit back and wait for something to happen. It’s action time and Pluto is going to highlight the need for change. Our motivation comes from the Aries/Libra nodes now. It’s action time but not without balance and congruence so the action we take are aligned with our new paradigm of joy.

Does it feel like we are just repeating yet another cycle of transformation. It does and in a way we are but every time we go through this process we move farther up the ascension spiral. This was never a linear process where we move from point A to point B and then we’re finished. It’s a spiral so we evolve through ascension, rising up the spiral as we encounter our CORE lessons again and again, each time with a different perspective that can provide us with new ways of addressing very old issues. There is no punishment if we repeat old energy patterns, we will have other opportunities to try again later.

If you feel drained and tired this month you can blame it on the ongoing dis-integration of 3D which is moving at hyper speed now. Don’t make the mistake of looking for resolution, look for the chaos in the ascension model and use it to plot your path across the 4D bridge. August has a lot of gifts that look like anything but benevolent and beneficial blessings.

Change and transformation are on the menu and the retrogrades of August are supporting our movement into new portals of energetic potential. If you wanted change now is the time to bring it forward. If you are not ready yet don’t worry, another opportunity will be available but each time the circumstances get more intense and more challenging and the push for transformation

What is happening is global in scale, it is happening to and for everyone that is why the downloads are bigger, the frequencies are higher, the vibrations are strong, and we have Pluto in Capricorn that has been dredging out the rivers of destiny since 2008 taking its final steps in Capricorn over the next few months and gifting us with new potentials as it did during its previous stay in Capricorn over 250 years ago. We are the light for the world, let’s all shine brightly and light the path to enlightenment, divine harmony, and joy.


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