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Astro Energy Update 9-15-21

By: Archeia Aurora

As we near the end of the 9-9 Portal Window, which ends on September 16th, we exit the wormhole of completing timelines. The 9-9 window has felt like a birthing canal that has been squeezing us extra tight. Ascension symptoms have been exhaustion, heaviness, excessive hunger/thirst, depression, and anxiety.

Timelines are crossing and merging, creating a fogginess and lack of clarity on where we are going next. All we know is we can feel the energy building within, ready to burst, like when a butterfly emerges from the caterpillar’s cocoon. After the Virgo New Moon we entered the deep purging state.

We currently have 6 planet in retrograde, & a mix of Virgo, Libra & Scorpio energy. Virgo Sun is cleansing and perfecting our frequencies, creating healing in all areas. Mars and Mercury in Libra are brining into focus everything that is out of balance in our relationships with others, our communication, and our masculine sides. Venus in Scorpio is unearthing our feminine wounds. The betrayals, the jealousy, the fear of persecution, the divine feminine who has been mocked, attached, and stripped of her divinity. The feminine essence is now rising from the ashes as the Phoenix and she is taking no prisoners.

For the first wavers, we have reached the final transformation of our own programming and triggers. We have entered the first layers of ancestral DNA now. For many first wavers you may have been feeling like you’ve hit another rock bottom, another dark night of the soul. This is the unpeeling of those energetic scars we carry that span back many timelines and lifetimes. These take moments and we were not ready for these prior. For most of the first wavers, the last few years to decades have taken us into a deep dive of truth versus illusion and the transforming of our personal energetics. Unpacking the trauma and healing the wounds, breaking the habits and redefining our lives.