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Ashtar Sheran - Change Your Thoughts About the Future August 27, 2021

Ashtar Sheran - Change Your Thoughts About the Future

August 27, 2021

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!

Being here is a source of great joy. Today I want to complement everything that was said by Michael before: Be ready, there is no more time for you to be just dreaming. You can dream, and you should, but always with focus and with the certainty that the dream will come true. We are in the last preparations for this “Great Moment”, for the moment of awakening of this humanity; a suffering humanity, inferiorized, enslaved, totally without pleasure, without joy, without happiness, which was imposed for so many years, I would even say millennia.

This is all coming to an end. Don't be trying to imagine what will happen. I want to alert you to this. When you are thinking, worried about what will happen, never forget that your thoughts are taken to the universe; and because of the speed at which everything is happening, you are creating egregores of panic and fear. So I suggest that each one of you; don't think, don't talk about it, don't comment. If you really want to help, speed up the process, think of a perfect planet, think of a peaceful civilization, just emanating love, all embracing. It doesn't matter what they look, what shape, what color they have; all coexisting harmoniously. The borders of countries diplomatically torn down, and citizens can come and go as they please, because the soil does not belong to anyone. The political extensions of each country belong to no one, the soil belongs to Gaia.

So right now, we're not too concerned with remaking the borders. Our only purpose at this time is simply to release them. There will be no restriction on coming and going. Because we also have to think, that there is no longer any reason to go from one point to another, because it is better from where you are. Because everyone will have the right to everything, nothing will be lacking for anyone.

So this is the thought you need to emanate: peace, harmony, friendship, equality, plenty, abundance, for all. You are very in the habit of placing everything that you have as your own; nothing is yours. Everything on the surface of this planet belongs to the planet. Today you are born and you die and what is there remains, nobody takes anything. So let's learn to let go of possessions, let's learn to loosen the ties that bind them to conquests, to riches, as so many have nothing.

So let's start a new world, no attachment, no belongings, just distributing equally to everyone. I sincerely hope that you are prepared for this. Thinking that “being ready to go to the Fifth Dimension is just emanating love” is not. Learning the Fifth Dimension is exactly seeing all brothers as brothers, not enemies, not competitors, not usurpers. What would be ideal for this new world? May everyone, without exception, have the right to the same housing, the same plentiful food on the table, the same amount of money energy in their bills. Work would be choice, not imposed. Everyone would work with love and give their best for the whole; not to appease your ego, not to feel better. Everyone will have the right to knowledge. Everyone will have the right to education, and everyone will learn what is really important to live in harmony, emanating only love.

So, I ask each of you not to imagine the conflicts, the revolutions, the killings, the killings, that you are creating in anticipation of what is to come. This also reverberates in the Whole. As said by Michael: We arrived at the balance of a timeline, where everything will happen in a balanced way and as less complicated and disastrous as possible. Now, if you keep emanating fear, seeing conflicts, seeing wars, seeing battles, seeing more and more deaths, it also reverberates. And then when it happens up front, you'll ask us: "But didn't you say it would be all right?" For our part, yes. Now, you're doing your part and it's not pretty to look at.

It's interesting how we talk, talk, talk and you keep acting wrong. You think that thoughts, small comments, don't lead to anything, they are just thoughts. So I tell you, the Fifth Dimensional Light that is coming to the planet co-creates exactly what you think. And that's what's happening. You are creating very negative egregores about what is going to happen. Can you change your thinking? Of course you can.

If you trusted what we say and believed that everything will be done in the best possible way, you would just be imagining peace and harmony, nothing more; the rest is up to us. But you comment, you spread, you think, you only say negative things. In addition to not helping the process at all, you still delay it, because we have to keep finding ways to balance a positive energy, on top of what you are thinking.

So just think, that everything will happen with the love of Father/Mother God. It doesn't matter what it will be; it will be with pure love. This is how you create an egregore of peace and harmony. Think a lot about what we've said. Watch your thoughts, watch your words, watch your actions, and you don't quite think and speak, you still share, so that the thing grows more and more. Really, we try to understand human consciousness, but sometimes it's difficult. You have been so used to suffering, so used to negativities, that you cannot imagine a better world. Habits continue, nothing has changed.

So I hope that each of you will do your part in this process. You are not few on the planet, you are millions of awakened ones; so do your part as awakened ones. Emanate only peace, harmony, love and equality, just that. Do not reverberate any other feeling, because in this way you are lighting more fire, in the fire that is already lit; and it will burn more and more.

I hope I was very clear. I hope you really change your vibrations, change what you think, change what you want. Because at first glance for all of us, it doesn't seem to us that you want this New World. It seems to us that you want to continue living in this gear, of the Third Dimension, where love has long been forgotten, equality no longer exists, and each one of you has become a lonely and isolated being; whether from us or from the universe.

Channelled by: Anjos e Luz Terapias

Shared by Luce Light


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