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Ashtar: Affirm To The Higher Self Your Choice

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am ASHTAR SHERAN! I come here today to bring you good news. There is nothing to worry about anymore, the weapons have all been destroyed. So now we will begin a new phase, the phase of the liberation of the surface. Actually, this phase has already started a long time ago. We have not been standing still waiting for the internal process to finish before coming to the surface. Many actions have already been taken on the surface of your planet, however, the great thinking minds and major representatives of those who dominated them, are still around the planet. And the process of simply removing them from power, is not an easy and simple process, because it is like a cartoon where we take them out and they put them back in.

So many of the people that you see today are no longer the real people, they are clones of the people who once played that role. So ending this whole farce is the big goal now. To end the lies, to end the control, so that we can actually start the process of Ascension. But not the actual ascension, of you migrating to the Fifth Dimension. There is still much to be done, there will still be many changes on your planet, for the event to actually happen.

The Light comes stronger and stronger, and with it, the changes; with it, the actions. So as we have asked here, in unison, together with the same voice, is that you be prepared. Today you shout all the time that the world is in chaos. You don’t know what chaos is, you have no idea what will happen. But at no time do we say that here for panic or despair; we just don’t want you to be taken by surprise.

You have come a long way, and even the newest arrivals already have the necessary understanding for what is to come. I can tell you that each one of you will go through tests and profound tests in order for you to effectively recognize yourselves as aspirants to the Fifth Dimension. So no judgment, no anger, no inciting others against this or that, because you will only be adding to the chaos, to the imbalance. Just walk away from it all. It is as if you have entered a time capsule; comfortable, with everything you need, and no matter how much you hear the noises, the comments, the screams, the despair, the doubts of the attacks from the outside, you will feel nothing.

Because we hope that you have alrea