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Are you ready to unfurl your wings...

By: Grace Solaris

As a collective we are standing at the edge of the cliff right now... some have jumped, some are still contemplating and yet others are being pushed. As a collective we are going thru a spiritual death. So what does that mean. It means that we are leaving one consciousness level as it has collapsed upon itself, to move on to a higher consciousness level, a new frequency bandwidth, that will support our next evolutionary stage, as the old one has outlived itself. The purpose of the learning process, which is what drives consciousness to evolve, has been fulfilled and reached the point, where soul is forced to take a new stand. It is like coming to a dead end of a road. In other words we are forced to change our mindset and expand our consciousness to continue our evolutionary journey by making the required changes to continue our soul growth and learning in this new frequency bandwidth. Some souls may choose to leave its incarnational journey only to return as a higher consciousness to continue its journey in this new higher frequency bandwidth and will return with a new purpose and soul plan, that will fulfill its next evolutionary stage. There is no right or wrong. There are no accidents. Everything is staged and orchestrated by the soul to bring the highest possible growth for the soul.

The past years and increasingly during the ovid plandemic many even highly evolved pioneers of light have been leaving this earthplane before fully completing their ascension, others have completed their ascension and has transitioned, others still will be leaving or have decided to leave thru this transition window of ascension, as they have contracted on bringing in higher dimensional aspects, angelic or galactic lineage imprints and return as their ascended self, holding the monadic and twin keys and codes signature for the seeding of the new earth consciousness, that is vibrating on the higher dimensional frequency bandwidth of divine union.

The new earth consciousness golden race, are higher dimensional angelic beings, who are embodiments, holy grails for the christ consciousness template of divine union, which is the foundation for the new heaven within, the ascended race of angelics, that have transcended all personal linear stories of separation from god and have found the "promised land" within, that has always been and always will be.