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Are you ready to unfurl your wings...

By: Grace Solaris

As a collective we are standing at the edge of the cliff right now... some have jumped, some are still contemplating and yet others are being pushed. As a collective we are going thru a spiritual death. So what does that mean. It means that we are leaving one consciousness level as it has collapsed upon itself, to move on to a higher consciousness level, a new frequency bandwidth, that will support our next evolutionary stage, as the old one has outlived itself. The purpose of the learning process, which is what drives consciousness to evolve, has been fulfilled and reached the point, where soul is forced to take a new stand. It is like coming to a dead end of a road. In other words we are forced to change our mindset and expand our consciousness to continue our evolutionary journey by making the required changes to continue our soul growth and learning in this new frequency bandwidth. Some souls may choose to leave its incarnational journey only to return as a higher consciousness to continue its journey in this new higher frequency bandwidth and will return with a new purpose and soul plan, that will fulfill its next evolutionary stage. There is no right or wrong. There are no accidents. Everything is staged and orchestrated by the soul to bring the highest possible growth for the soul.

The past years and increasingly during the ovid plandemic many even highly evolved pioneers of light have been leaving this earthplane before fully completing their ascension, others have completed their ascension and has transitioned, others still will be leaving or have decided to leave thru this transition window of ascension, as they have contracted on bringing in higher dimensional aspects, angelic or galactic lineage imprints and return as their ascended self, holding the monadic and twin keys and codes signature for the seeding of the new earth consciousness, that is vibrating on the higher dimensional frequency bandwidth of divine union.

The new earth consciousness golden race, are higher dimensional angelic beings, who are embodiments, holy grails for the christ consciousness template of divine union, which is the foundation for the new heaven within, the ascended race of angelics, that have transcended all personal linear stories of separation from god and have found the "promised land" within, that has always been and always will be.

Now many are feeling this spiritual death as lack of purpose, stagnation, lack of motivation, depression or anxiety facing this cliff .... knowingly that there is no where to return to, either but to jump and fly or to fall and die.... this demands a shift and quantum leap in consciousness. However every soul is able to shift from the old paradigm of victimhood into victory and creatorship. Every soul is capable of putting and end to the pain and lie down their cross of suffering and embrace their mighty I Am Presence, that is standing by to step in and bring in this new higher consciousness of universal christed love and unity, that is intrinsicly part of the soul, however it has not previously been seen, as fear and separation has lead the self astray to look outside of self for wholeness. It has looked for external gods and saviours and often abstracted itself, numbed itself thru engagement in material matters and disaligned from its spiritual nature, its soul origin, which was what it searched for all along.

In other words we are standing at this shift into a new age, into a new and higher consciousness, the ascension into a marvel of love, peace and unity, now that we have reached the critical point of no return. Thus we are witnessing an unprecedented level of division in humanity, both within self, as between nations, cultures, races, neighbors, friends and even families. The old paradigm has come to its tipping point, thus as a specie, there is no way we can advance other than thru a quantum shift in consciousness, so as a naturel consequence, evolution itself, which you may name god, source, father/mother/god is facilitating the next evolutionary "playground" to ensure continual expansion of consciousness, which is the very nature of evolution, in other words it is in-built and inevitable step we are required to make as souls.

Because of this fact, that is inherent knowledge in every soul, it is forced to make a choice to whether it is going to ascend still in embodiment and make the needed shifts in consciousness or whether it can fulfill its higher purpose better by leaving the earthly plane only to return as a higher dimensional aspect to bring in the needed keys and codes, that will fulfill the monadic plan.

A great amount of souls currently incarnated or those that have been incarnated thru this timeline of ascension, that have already transitioned, have indeed come to form sacred relationships and be divine anchors for the new earth template of divine union and universal love, as it is the major goal of their soul monad at this time. In the old paradigm we primarily incarnated to fulfill an individual soulplan, however on the new ascended earth, we incarnate to fulfill our soul monads higher plan, as this is the nature and purpose of our existence in 5D and 6D of the ascended realms, that is humanity´s new frequency octave, our new evolutionary playground of growth to continue the ongoing evoultionary dance of expansion into deeper love, peace and unity.

Many souls are choosing the shortcut of the walk-in process to bring in this higher dimensional frequency keys and codes of divine union and their upgraded monadic higher purpose to anchor in the new heaven on earth and will be uniting with their divine counterpart to anchor in the monadic twin triad essence. They will bring the twin essence or any required higher dimensional aspects, that are needed to anchor in the twin signature into embodiment. This is experienced as uniting with an ancient part of yourself, whether it be a monadic aspect or your actual twin, the soul signature, will be identified as part of self and the magnetic pull will be unappologetical and seek to unite, whether you like it or not. This is not to be seen as a fulfillment or completion of soul but rather as an initiation into wholeness and divine union from within self, a reunion with higher dimensional aspects of self, a merging thru the physical merging of the consciousness of the two into one, thru uniting not only the human self energy imprint, chakras and energyfield, but also thru integrating and merging with higher dimensional angelic, galactic higher aspects into being.

The preequisite for a successful divine union, is that the soul has already or is in the process of balancing and merging their inner divine feminine and masculine into divine union, as these higher dimensional monadic aspects, will not be compatible with lower vibrational frequencies of separation and division. Thus there is no point in forcing this process, as it will occure when the vibrational signature is reached and the soul is prepared to unite into the physical and serve divine will to fulfill the monadic plan and purpose and has transceded all egoic agendas of self fulfillment.

To support those souls that are now ready to unite with their divine counterparts, we will be facilitating a gathering for those pioneers of light, that have contracted on serving as anchors for the new earth template by serving in divine union with their divine counterparts. If you feel the magnetic pull and hear the ancient calling, join us in the 09-09 gateway for a grand love feast coming together of the Beloveds. We will gather in the monadic field of the 144000 and form a safe passage for the walk-ins to enter this realm and send out the vibrational signature of our souls to activate the memory of the sacred constracts. We will act as a compass for them to find their divine counterparts by emiting our individual soul signature and signal our readiness to unite.

Thru our united heart intent pulsation and the activation of the crystal record keepers in our body, that hold the twin essence and monadic signature keys and codes of our soul monad plan, they will know and feel it is time, as we send out this clarion call. We will create a gateway thru our heart to enable the ushering in of our Beloveds who have patiently waited for this calling. Some of us have already encountered in the physical or in the higher dimensions and even merged with our beloved on dreamstate, but have been feeling and told it wasn’t yet the time to unite in the physical. The waiting has come to an end. It´s time. It´s time.

Transmission will be at 8 pm central european time, 7 pm GMT, pst 11am, mdt 12pm, cst 2pm, Australia 4 am (the 10th), Please check your local time here: www.timebuddy,com.

Please click on link to sign up for this grand monadic convergence of beloveds:

Grace Solaris


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