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April's Huge Shift in Consciousness ♡

Dear Cosmic Community,

As we now stand ready to move into April, take a moment to thank March and the incredible whirlwind of transformative energy that has just swept through your life.

I said that March would be a month where the outgoing Piscean and incoming Aquarian ages would overlap, causing you to be progressive, even with the old regressive ways pushing back at you.

Hence, it's been an emotional ride for many.

And now, as April begins, the 4th month of 2022 signals Angelic Assistance ready to flood the globe and super-charge your life. Already, solar activity has been intense, with M Class Flares, Solar Tsunamis and now a huge X1.3 flare all occurring on the Sun, creating geomagnetic storms (auroras) on Earth, upshifting your cosmic consciousness, like no other energy can.

This is always a sign (to me) that we're undergoing a major leap in consciousness, and with Eclipse Season beginning in 2 weeks, all is perfectly and universally timed.

You may be feeling contracted, uncomfortable, uncertain, trapped etc, because you're in the middle space, the moment before a major release.

You can't quite move either way (in or out) until it's occurred.

You just have to stay within the space between. But, just wait, as April begins and with The Angelics wrapping their power around Earth, you're about to feel a major surge of inspiration and a welcome release.

~ by Elizabeth Peru


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