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Anubis 🛸🛸🌅🛸🛸

Anubis 🛸🛸🌅🛸🛸


I am Anubis, and I am transmitting this message through Universal Channel. My Queen An-Ra wants me to communicate today with the humankind.

I would like to announce that the Planetary Intergalactic Coalition chose me as the commander of their fleet, which is being put together in this moment. This is the second fleet under my command, which is going to be used for the coalition needs to rescue civilizations, who are being attacked by the Dark Forces.

Already millions of years has passed, since the positive side has been fighting with Archons, Reptilians, Anunaki, and others. The accelerations of timelines and the uprise of consciousness around the Cosmos, pressuring many nations to come together as one in the fight against Evil, which is trying to destroy many worlds including Earth.

I am training a new crew to be ready to defeat the enemies, who threaten the peaceful coexistence between races in Supergalaxies, Universes and Planets. The fleet was named RA, in translation into your language it means sun. Everyone understands that without it, no life can exist anywhere.

Your planet actually has two suns, one is real, and the second one is fake. The holographic sun was manufactured by the corrupted souls to be able to control and manipulate the surrounding environments by taking away the natural benefits of having a real sun. During your lifetime on Mother Earth, you have never seen the sun. The Darkness was blocking the real one for eons.

Now, this is changing, some days the real sun appears in your sky. It’s not difficult to detect the natural sun, the light and color are different from the fake one. Your actual sun is much bigger and goes down with the reflection of a red color.

Also, recently my Egyptian fleet was helping the Galactic Federation of Light to get rid off the Reptilians and their alliances from the territory of Mars, they tried again to establish their base to continue to disrupt the Divine Plan of liberating your planet. They don’t want to accept that their ruling days are coming to the end.

The humanity are in the turning point of their history. Right now, you are at war for your freedom. My Warriors and I, Anubis are supporting your fight. You are the only ones who are going to win this battle. Millions of civilizations are watching the events and developments on your planet Earth.

I am grateful to be able to connect today with all of you, Light Warriors. Thank you.

Your Victory is within Reach


Channeled by Erena Velazquez


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