Andromedan - We're Ready for the Freedom Party

Channelled by: Anjos e Luz Terapias

Dear brothers of this beautiful blue planet! I AM THE ANDROMEDAN!

I am allowed to come here from time to time, express my gratitude first; gratitude for participating in this entire process; to participate in each victory, each growth and evolution of this beautiful planet. We are prepared to be the guardians of the universe, we are always here, we are there, we are always where we need to be. Each one in the universe, however simple (however you feel inferior) has its own function. Every soul that is created has a function; it will depend on the evolution of the soul to discover along its path, how to fulfill it.

Some never remember, because they simply refuse to be a part of something very big perhaps, and it's these souls that are easily manipulated by those who surround them, showing something that is apparently wonderful and then they discover it was a big trap. I am so grateful to Father/Mother God that I have never forgotten my role. I cannot confuse function with mission here: My function is to be a guardian of the universe, it is to be a soul that will always be ready to bring balance and bring Light, at any point in the universe that is necessary.

Missions are those that are placed along the way. We are not born to just one, we are born to many. So my soul has been navigating this universe for eons of time, always acting for the role it was created for, which is to be a guardian. Being here in this planet's ascension process, it may seem to you something you don't understand, like something you think: Why fight for someone you don't even know? Why expose yourself this way? And I just say that there is a great pleasure in being on a mission, there is an immense joy in our hearts to be on a mission.

Most of the time, we are victorious. Why mostly and not always? There are quests and quests. The complex missions, coordinated by the great Beings of Light of this universe, are victorious missions, there has never been a lost battle, because these beings are the very expression of Father/Mother God, and they know exactly how to act at each point, in each problem, to may victory be certain. The missions that we are not victorious over are those that are not coordinated by these beings. They are missions decided by ourselves, just wanting to change something. We form a big group and we are going to fight. But we don't have the wisdom and expertise of the great Beings of Light and sometimes we don't get the victory. Not because we are not capable, but precisely because of the lack of wisdom that those great beings have.

So we've been here for a while for you, it's a short time for us. Planet Earth's linear time is quite different from Fifth Dimensional time. We are here with great joy, with great glory, because once again, and of course, we were victorious. Now, I would like to share with you our feeling, the feeling of the galactic beings that are here around your planet, acting in this great process.

There was never a moment of regret, even in those battles that became too hard, too difficult, long, tiring, we never lost hope, we never let ourselves down. Because the confidence in the great executors of this process is so great that we don't allow ourselves to think about anything other than Vitória. And it is exactly this feeling that floods the hearts and minds of all of us who are here. This causes a wave of joy, of love, which is impossible to be broken, hence so many victories.

So today, the feeling of accomplishment, mission accomplished is almost 100%. Why almost 100%? Because there are cleanings to be done. When we're dealing with beings that you don't see, that camouflage themselves on your planet, in dimensions different from yours, it's easier for us to do our work, because you don't see anything. This would be a reason for a lot of pain, a lot of apprehension and dread on your part, because the battles were not easy.

At no time did we say that the battles were easy to win, but you didn't see anything, and that's very good, because it doesn't bring fear, it doesn't bring distrust. I would say that it brings doubt, because we talk, we talk, we talk and you don't see anything. I can say that some battles extrapolated your planet; extrapolated in the sense that it reverberates in the physical of the planet, but you didn't realize, everything seemed normal. It just seemed like another Gaia phenomenon.

So today, what is missing for 100% is cleaning the physical heads of the planet; this one is more difficult, because many have the power, the power to make extremely evil decisions towards their people. So everything has to be done very carefully. We are not acting in the shadows, everything has already been laid out on the table. Its leaders know exactly what to do and have a deadline for it, and they know exactly what will happen if they don't. And you also know what will happen if you take any action contrary to what we want. Not that we are in the hands of their leaders, but they need to take the first step, we can't do anything until that happens.

There's no way they can just ignore the whole process. They know exactly what's going on; every leader on your planet. But some think that time is infinite, that they can continue to act as long as they like; that is, they think they are dealing the cards and that we are sitting here waiting for their action. We soldiers of this great process do not know dates, but great leaders do; and there are dates. There are deadlines that these leaders, are like in the games you use on the planet "paying to see". I can only say that they will see, because our leaders don't bluff, they don't lie, they just enforce what they've already determined.

Soon, very soon, you will meet us. We will be able to appear exactly as we are. There is an infinity of bodies, shapes, colors, beings around your planet. And we will be delighted and proud to present ourselves, in our best clothes, as if we were all going to a big party. Let's say we're inviting ourselves to your planet's liberation party, and we'll all be there. And on this day, you will hear our applause, as we will be delighted to clap for you, as you will be a liberated planet, on this day you will have ended any and all submission, control, or manipulation of any being over you.

On this day we can scream: It's over! And a new stage will begin, a stage of opening up awareness, knowledge, but mainly a lot of work. You have dirtied this planet too much and you will now have a mission to clean it up. We will be there with you helping with the cleanup, giving you the tools, the technologies necessary for this, but who will do the work will be you. Each one will have to pick up their instruments, their tools and clean the planet, each one at his point. And I imagine it will be quite a spectacle, to see you all engaged in this cleanup.

I like to come here from time to time, as if I were the spokesperson for the soldiers, for those who are in battle. We don't feel inferior to the commanders, this feeling doesn't vibrate between us. We are part of everything that happens. Our commanders and we are one, one thought, one goal, one result. So we do have a voice, it's enough that we want to speak and we have someone to speak through; and I already found this way and I like to come here. It's as if all of us have each sent me a piece of this message, and I've put it together to speak to you.

We fulfilled one more mission, a victorious mission. There's no way we can say no, even if we're not 100%. The victory has already been achieved. There is very little left for the cry of final freedom. And at this moment, when it happens, it will be a united cry, from all of us galactics for your planet; and sure enough, we'll all be applauding each of you.

Channelled by: Anjos e Luz Terapias

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