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All That You Are attached to Limitates You

by: Grace Solaris

All that you are attached to limitates you. What you enslave, enslaves you. Whether it be a person, a belief, an idea or an outcome. Freedom and creativity can only blossom where there is no attachments. Non attachments means leaving every option open in other words allowing any possible outcome any probability to come into form. Ego however reigns only in the realm of the “known”. Ego only acts in precipitation of a certain outcome or on the basis of rather what it thinks can prevent negative outcome... aka it acts from a vantage point of controlled behaviour for the means of avoiding pain and suffering. So coming from this space of constricted controlled behavior it is aiming to avoiding and thus attracts what it avoids. Energy follows attention. And it grabs back at means that “promises” to keep it safe. That is the main goal. However when you create or act from a space of avoidance you create from fear and compromise the unmanifested infinite potential, that makes all things possible.

It is thru non attachment and letting go that miracles starts to take form even without you needing to lift a finger. The divine intellegence of life, your divine infinite multidimensionel potential, your I Am Presence, the energy and spark of light from which all things evolve can orchestrate your life with ease and grace when given “free hands”. Life becomes a Dance.

Life is not meant to be a struggle. Divine spontaneity returns as soon as you give up the continous struggle to be ahead of time, ahead of events obstructing the cosmic flow of life. Being spontaneous enables you to fully surrender to love. Love always knows what’s best. Love is what makes the impossible possible... that which turns lead to Gold. Love always promises the soulution which is to the highest good of all (which includes you). It is unattached to everything and open to everything and thus open to the unlimited divine splendor waiting to be allowed into form... it is it’s nature and purpose to evolve and give you the best the Universe has to offer thru grace, unlimitted joy and abundance.

Grace Solaris


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