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Adama of Inner Earth

Adama ~ <3

We wish to share with you practices that have been the core of our spiritual evolution. We still follow these practices to this day, and we share them with our children. They exist as a foundation for our constantly expanding journey through and to Creator Source. They are centered on the principle that we are all responsible for our own energy. Before the unity consciousness of the fifth dimensional vibration can be fully integrated globally, this work must be done on an individual basis with each one of you. This is the journey that each person must walk to the end, and that no one else can do for you.

Most important of these practices is the offering of compassion and non-violent communication in thoughts, words, deeds and feelings. Indeed, self-compassion forms the cornerstone of the spiritual awakening that is necessary if one is to recognize and integrate this fifth dimensional vibration. This vibration already exists around you at all times. As the frequency of the planet herself becomes more and more refined, it is a responsibility of our human experience, no matter what dimension we reside in, for each one to purify and refine their own vibration.

We do this for the evolution of our Divine Essence, and we do this for the greatest good of all kingdoms who reside on and within this glorious planet that we call "Mother." This is a solemn and divine responsibility that does not rest lightly on your shoulders, and yet, confers on you a grace that is unparalleled in the history of the Earth. You now can walk as masters and mentors yourself, even if your human form may not seem to mesh well with your remembrances of other times and places where limitlessness and infinite possibility abounded.

We say to you with all of the truth that our hearts can share, that now, this present moment in Earth history, is a time of infinite possibility. This is the magical time of creation from the highest divine Source to the densest of your physical reality. We know and feel your hearts greet ours in this truth, although your minds still struggle to grasp the full scope of what we are telling you. Your minds still demand ritual and rules and proof that is irrefutable, before you will step one foot upon this new path. So we will work today with practices that, if you will allow them, can bring you back to the frequency of faith and trust, not doubt and denial.

Many Masters have shared these truths throughout the eons of evolution that this planet has already experienced. But it is your experience in this lifetime that is most important. Today you have an opportunity to hear these words again with more evolved ears, and to recognize them on a deeper heart level than has ever been available before in your physical dimension. Today you have an opportunity to work with the support of all of creation to bring these truths into physical manifestation. In truth, this is why you are here, and this is why you were given the opportunity to incarnate at this time.

From Telos Book 3 by Aurelia <3


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