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A New World Is Being Born

A New World Is Being Born

In a world where judgement rules there will be laws against those that do not fit into society’s norms. There will be those that will be rejected, judged, hurt, imprisoned, bullied, punished simply because they do not fit into a label that is created to keep all in control.

As people have been made to follow logic and reason above anything else they have become disconnected from their emotions and lost their ability to have empathy for each other. Rules have come into placement to either fit black or white.

When the mind rules there is no empathy, there is only a need for order and compliance. There is no room for connection and unity, everyone is judged no matter what they do. And let us be honest: people love to judge others because they have forgotten the true nature of humanity. If you ask someone what they think about people you will often hear that humanity is a race that is doomed to fail and that is the cause of all evil in the world. We blame ourselves for the mess that we are in and for all that is happening on earth. Yet the true nature of humanity is peaceful, loving and compassionate. I know many will disagree because that is not what we see in the world. But the majority of humans want to live in harmony and are looking for that connection in many ways. Many are lost and don’t know how to establish that connection.But humanity in its essence is all love. It is our core nature and it is why we are all here.

Every living being on this planet is looking for the same thing: love. They may not know it, they may not act like it but it is what every being is truly longing for.

Our disconnection is shown in our society through all the laws we have to follow and getting punished if we do not obey. Our freedom is limited so that we all march to the same beat whether or not it matches our own vibe.

We have been marching to the beat of this artificial construction for a long time. It has been so long that many of us do not even remember that we have choices we can make for ourselves. Some things do not even seem as options and so the majority keeps following orders and respond to fear tactics.

Many still believe that we need rules to follow and labels to fit in. I have noticed myself that I carry belief systems put in as a program that is now breaking down in pieces and has been for many years. And I can tell you we have a lot of belief systems that we are not aware of. But this is all changing right now. It is mindblowing and eye opening to become aware that I am not crazy for thinking that being punished for not following an absurd law is nothing short of insane. To me now many laws seems like they were decided by people that are mentally unable to make sane decisions.

Most laws are completely disconnected from the people they are supposed to serve and do not have any connection to the heart at all. This construction will do anything to make you believe you are crazy, alone, a reject, an outlaw, a criminal so that you will do anything to fit in and belong. People crave for security, safety and acceptance. This system is like an abusive parent that provides all of this as long as you comply and obey: if you do not obey you will be punished. It is a toxic relationship and one that we are all in right now because we have chosen to break it all together.

We are at a crucial phase right now, the shift in consciousness is happening. We have come to the point where were are ending all toxic and karmic relationships. This is on a personal level as well as on a collective level. This controlling system has been in place for centuries and it is now losing control and its grip on all of us. The rising of awareness is happening globally and with now this construction is being dismantled from within.

People are searching for connections as they are waking up and looking for those that are awakened. People are looking for answers as they see that what is happening in the world is not in alignment with what they are feeling because now we are accessing the power of our emotions and empathic abilities. This is where are true power is. Pain only happens because we are not connected to our heart.

People are returning to love, they are feeling restricted, watched, controlled and divided by the system. This is not the way and so unions are happening. It is in the toughest times that change is possible, it is when things crumble down that we can create a new way of being. We all have the knowledge now of how it does NOT work and the ability to reconnect to the wisdom we have inside. We are remembering ancient knowledge and how the other civilizations existed in unity and love. We are moving back to this now and we are getting help in a spiritual, energetic, emotional and physical way.

Expect for people to start forming communities and starting to reach out to each other for support. We will be using our talents and expanding that which is natural to us. Our own unique abilities will be seen and used to create a new way of living and being. This new society / community will be all about connection. There will be room for understanding, acceptance, compassion, love, freedom, expansion, communication, transparency, equality and much more.

Envision the world you want to live in. What do you want to see and experience? Dream about it, feel it in your heart and KNOW that you are co-creating together and that it is all happening this instant as you are reading this.

Release all judgement towards others and what they are doing because your tribe is right there with you. All you need is to feel and see this connection to let go of any negativity that you may encounter.

The change is happening no matter the resistance some may have. It is unstoppable and it is what always meant to happen.

Trust in your connection and rise above the fear that you see.

Fear is an illusion, love is the truth.

**By Dana Grozdanova



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