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A Message From The Angels

The angels are sharing…

We are guiding you love through unconditional love of self which is love for the divine. To your grandest version.

We are commending your efforts and know the best is yet to come.

You are worthy of grandness, free from all lower thoughts, timelines and dimensions which no longer serve.

Grandness is your birth right, your origin, your only essence. Accept, embrace, allow and celebrate where you are and how far you have come.

Accept miracles and blessings.

Command your atoms into celebration, joy and peace.

Be well love, be you. And so it is. Ty angels, ty, ty. Ty Mom.


I am the blue ray of Christ consciousness.💙

I am the violet ray of divinity, intuition and sovereignty.💜

I am the green ray of unconditional self love.💚

I am the white and gold ray of divine intelligence.🤍

I am the embodiment of source, great spirit and Mother Gaia.🦋

I am the yellow ray of divine empowerment.💛

I am the orange ray of divine creativity.🧡

I am the red ray of divine trust.❤️

I am my higher self, full embodiment 100%.

Herald all who walk with you on this path and embrace your grandness I hear mom share. Be grand, be divine. Surrender to your wholeness, surrender to love.

I love you. I am you mom. It is well with my soul. 🌈☀️🌈

~ Candace McMahon

Image courtesy of Wall Art

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