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Mercury Rx Jan 14th ~ Feb 3rd

By: Romy Wyser

As Mercury slows down to back spin through Aquarius we’re now introspective in our minds as well as our hearts as we continue the voyage of discovery with Venus in her time of deep rebirth.

Major re-evaluations will take place for you in the coming weeks.

We can’t always trust what we hear or see and so the invitation is to dig deeper through the haze, confusion and overwhelm to reclaim parts of ourselves we’ve lost or become disconnected from as we renegotiate better terms with ourselves for our energetic alignment.

Everything you learn about yourself during this transit, past and present is here to help you break patterns, witness your own growth and reflect on the emerging sacred soul language you’re ready to express. A language that’s healing and higher in vibrational energy, that holds the keys to changed behaviour and evolved conscious connection.

Thoughts can feel scattered and disconnected but lead into a state of surrender helping you open to higher divine intelligence and the breakthrough you need to reimagine what life is going to look like for you movi