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Mercury Rx Jan 14th ~ Feb 3rd

By: Romy Wyser

As Mercury slows down to back spin through Aquarius we’re now introspective in our minds as well as our hearts as we continue the voyage of discovery with Venus in her time of deep rebirth.

Major re-evaluations will take place for you in the coming weeks.

We can’t always trust what we hear or see and so the invitation is to dig deeper through the haze, confusion and overwhelm to reclaim parts of ourselves we’ve lost or become disconnected from as we renegotiate better terms with ourselves for our energetic alignment.

Everything you learn about yourself during this transit, past and present is here to help you break patterns, witness your own growth and reflect on the emerging sacred soul language you’re ready to express. A language that’s healing and higher in vibrational energy, that holds the keys to changed behaviour and evolved conscious connection.

Thoughts can feel scattered and disconnected but lead into a state of surrender helping you open to higher divine intelligence and the breakthrough you need to reimagine what life is going to look like for you moving forward.

You may find it harder to express what's in your heart. Take it as an invitation to sit with your feelings and work on aligning to your own vision of possibility before you’re ready to share.

You’re doing better than you think.

With a confusing haze surrounding the clarity we desire we are driven deeper to reflect and allow a metamorphosis to ensue so that our perspective is completely altered.

You know more than you think you do.

As we remain open moving through this labyrinth of change we will find rich understanding, transcend to new ways of thinking and welcome new timelines that are forming.

You’re more resilient than you’ve ever been.

We will be shown how to heal and grow through this season with greater awareness of ourselves and reflect on what we need to adjust and refine to bring more connection and light filled communication into our lives.

You’re more ready than you’ve ever experienced.

Move lightly and think compassionately as you may find yourself bumping up against echoes of the past that trigger you. It’s all serving your highest good. Even in the frustration breathe deeper and be more forgiving towards yourself and you will discover the way out of the maze.

You’re more focused on solutions than at any other time.

This is a profound lesson in being more present, you will find there are so many moments of beauty to still appreciate in spite of any chaos or confusion that may unfold.

How to work with Mercury Rx this season...

Only seek to know more of yourself, trying to figure out others perspective at this time may be an unnecessary drain on your energy. The introspective work will guide you to where you need to be and to what you need to know.

Things may not happen directly, work with non linear progression and be open to the ways in which the universe will deliver. Don't seek to have all the answers, seek to embody everything that you have learned in your journey to reach this point and you will find yourself rising above any restriction or limitation.

Remember you don't have to communicate your every thought, a quiet counsel as you discover more solid ground for your perspective in the weeks to come will serve to help you articulate the priorities that you're arriving at for your life.

You're not missing out, but you may be missing the details that spirit want you to revisit - so slow down when you feel guided and notice what has been overlooked.

Let others work out their current phase of disconnected humanness and if you can't find tolerance for them, find tolerance with yourself by stepping back, and expressing a new level of self love, self respect and integrity that makes you want to be a better person and make healthier choices.

Keep your schedule light so you're ready for unexpected changes. Welcome any delays as time to consider if what's unfolding is really what you want and for your highest good - there may be something even better just around the corner!

Stay curious - new information is coming to light that might open up a brand new chapter or bring you back around to an old opportunity that wants to be reignited!

Reflect on how you can devote to being more positive with yourself and everything you’re experiencing right now. You’re doing an incredible job no matter what or who tries to disrupt your power.

The fragments of what’s been lost or left behind now have a chance to be re-evaluated to see what still holds value.

The way things play out will help you to gain clarity and deeper trust in what you feel and how you want to express yourself.

Take this perspective and you won't be disconnected from your pathway to peace.

Bright Blessings

Romy Wyser


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