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8·8 Lion’s Gate: The Freedom Sphere

By: Lauren C.Gorgo



This July is a really important (universal 3) month that completes the sacred trinity of the Heart, Mind & Womb work that we have been tirelessly forging in order to liberate the (false) “human condition” by way of this universal 5 year. Since July of 2020, we have been working specifically to free these three creative centers from the slave matrix by repetitively choosing out, removing/clearing what was inauthentic, and painstakingly reprogramming our processors to align with our original/divine template. This one-year journey of Heartmind & Heartwomb freedom comes to a close this month which means we will finally be free to create fulfilling lives, missions & relationships.

Cancer is always a time of coming home ourselves, a time of emotional reconnection that returns us to our natural flow of energy, in alignment with our soul. It is an important mid-year check-in point to calibrate our compass to True North, to ensure we are truly thinking with our Hearts and that our (Grail) cups runneth over prior to the new creative cycle that begins in Leo season.

Since our fall from Grace, the Heartfelt Self has unfortunately and relentlessly been faced with her adversary…but this is ending now (this month) as the Grail Codes activate among the Sisters of the Rose to awaken the embodied truth of our Divine Feminine Christ Creatrix power as Master Alchemists. And as we awaken to these deeply coded gnostic Truths within the ancient DNA of our collective tribe, the Divine Masculine Christ collective (and component of Self) are also finally able to free themselves of all past timelines of emotional wounding…heartbreak, betrayal, deception…and the ill·usions that enchanted them into giving their power away to the serpent programming (dark mother matrix) that governed old heaven & earth.