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6~6~6 portal energies

The 666 Portal ~ 06-06-2022 ~

This will bring about greater equilibrium in our being and will be stabilised in a new energetic field. We will rest in here in a 3 day window for alignment and integration.

Take exceptional care of yourselves. Be extra gentle and ultra-hydrated.

During this time, you may be experiencing extreme difficulty in any sense of knowing who, what and where you are. Just ride this wave and be in each moment. We are amid extreme undoing.

We are returning to our natural and organic timelines and blueprints; you, me, nature, and the planet. It may be extremely disorientating. Try not to make sense of it; it is impossible. Imagine that you are on an adventure to somewhere new, exciting, and unknown. Treat the experience with wonder and intrigue.

We are being unwound, unbound, turned upside down and inside out, as all the inversions, intrusions, false overlays and paradigms are being lifted and removed.

This will affect how we perceive structure and stability in our life and world as we come to terms with living in something very new; that possibly none of us yet understands.

It comes hand in hand with a bursting of love. A love on our planet not experienced in a long time. Bathe in this! This is our new experience. Feel your heart and higher heart swell and expand with this incredible light.~

Take care! I love you!

~Sharron, Inner Sanctum Studios.

I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


Universal Consciousness..


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