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222 Divine Feminine Infusion

By: Meg Benedicte


If you look up into the vast sky tonight, you may catch a glimpse of the first Full Moon of 2022. This powerful Lunar event occurs in her home sign of Cancer – of Mother – intensifying empathy, deeper emotions and feelings. You may sense or feel tonight’s Full Moon pull you into the subtle current of essence, the fluid domain of the divine feminine realm. It is a ‘feeling state’ of non-physical, non-verbal, sensational magic and mysticism.

As we experience tonight’s lunar realm, we are reminded the feminine infusion that is taking center stage during 2022. It will flow and ebb in us, around us and through us. The feminine infusion will lift us higher and wash away our fears and grief. Become liquid light!

We are entering a heightened lunar effect this week. Tomorrow, January 18, the Lunar Nodes move into Taurus and Scorpio until July 17, 2023. The North Node of Soul purpose/destiny moves into a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus (exact on July 26) – influencing spiritual awakening and reinvention. Pay attention to your inner guidance and soul calling this year.

2022 provides a triple ‘2’ emphasis of the feminine aspect. 222 is a Master Code that signifies divine feminine power – the symbol of the High Priestess and higher aspirations. In Tarot, the 2nd arcana card, the High Priestess, is the guardian of your intuition, inner knowledge, mystery and spirituality. 222 awakens the feminine power within all who are open and receptive to the Goddess/Priestess infusion.

2022 offers a gentler flow into the global shift, a transition year between the old hierarchical operating system (masculine) into the circular operating system (feminine). The visiting Starseed New Earth Wayshowers are completing the first 10-year phase since 2012, when the global control matrix unlocked. It has been 10 years of continuous clearing, deprogramming, decomposing, transmuting, and healing from lifetimes of living in the