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2/2 Portal: The Fires of Initiation

By Archeia Aurora

We have entered the potent portal beginning on 2/2 and ending on 2/22. The energy of the 2 is all about integration, union, nurture and self-care. In numerology, we begin with the 1 energy. The 1 is the self, the individual and inner understanding. The 1 seeks to be its greatest expression, to explore its individual and unique piece of the puzzle. When we reach the number 2, we begin focusing on the other. We can only understand so much about ourselves without a mirror, an external reflection of parts of us we are blind to. The 2 is where relationships and connections are formed, when we begin to understand how to love, value, and understand another outside of ourselves.

The 2 energies of this month and this portal window are calling us to FULL INTEGRATION of self. To dissolve all separation beliefs, projection, blame, guilt, and judgment. To fully see ourselves within another, to recognize the Source that lives within us all, while also honoring the uniqueness of each individual’s journey and blueprint. Through this portal, ALL unseen distortions within the self will be amplified through others. Whatever shadows are lingering within the depths of our energetic system will be shown to us through another or the external world. These shadows will become so amplified that we have no other choice but to surrender, observe, reflect, and integrate.

This portal window has kicked off with a very powerful New Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius holds the energy of the collective, evolution, unity consciousness, & growth. Aquarius is all about collaboration, service to the whole, and miracles and surprises that defy logic and reason. Aquarius seeks that which is outside the norm, something miraculous, innovative, & inspiring. Saturn is also stationed in Aquarius, testing the collective every step of the way on just how dedicated they are to their own evolution. Saturn is asking us if we willing to go outside the box? Are we willing to do something different in order to get something we have never had, or are we going to repeat the patterns of insanity by doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result?

Meanwhile, the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is squaring this New Moon in the sign of Taurus. You know what else is transiting Taurus? The North Node of collective destiny. There are no coincidences. Taurus is focused on physical healing, taking care of the self, the body, creating security & stability. Taurus works hard to stay focused and grounded. Taurus is not interested in what is outside the present moment of now. With Uranus here, it is creating massive shakeups in the areas of finance, stability, food, & medicine. There is a push/pull occurring between our evolution as a collective, and our addiction to routines, security, & what “makes sense.” Taurus favors logic and reason, and Uranus is having none of it.

Meanwhile, we have an entire convoy of planets that are still moving through Capricorn, the sign governing over our government, systems & authority. Humanity is incredibly disempowered and we have allowed ourselves to be enslaved, restricted and controlled by these lower Capricorn energies. These energies have held us down for thousands of years, under red tape, rules, control & fear. However, we forgot we were playing a game… that we created the game and we can choose to stop playing at any time.

Venus has been retrograde for the past 40 days in Capricorn, finally going direct on January 29th. Venus was taking us on a journey in discovering what we truly value. Are we truly living lives that we love? Are we valuing ourselves? Or are we dedicating our energy to things that do not truly matter to us? Many relationships fell apart and our perspectives needed to shift on what we truly want, and not to settle for less. Mercury has also been retrograde in Capricorn, going direct on February 3rd. This was taking us back through how we communicate. Are we in integrity with our words? Are we speaking our truth? Mars has also moved into Capricorn, igniting our passions and energy to be focused on running the marathon and not the mile. We are being tested on our discipline and ability to stay focused, even when we are up against constant challenges and tests.

Finally, we have Pluto still lingering in Capricorn and interacting with all the planets passing through its path. Pluto has been revolutionizing us and our systems since 2008. Were the lessons learned? Pluto is not here for niceties or coddling. Pluto is here to completely tear down that which is sick, obsolete, and especially…unjust. Pluto takes no prisoners. We are coming up to the US Pluto Return, the first we have had as a nation, on February 22, 2022.

The day of reckoning has arrived in the United States, where we will be forced to LEAD BY EXAMPLE, as we were created to do. The US was founded upon the principles of freedom, truth, liberty & God. The Cabal targeted the US for this reason and turned it into a corporation, leading through domination, fear, greed, manipulation, and lies. The US will be held accountable for its lack of integrity, so that we may transform and then lead the world by this example.

All of this potent energy is pressure cooking us to a head. As a sign of mercy, we have both Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces. Pisces is governing our compassion, spiritual healing, & love for humanity. Jupiter is expanding this beautiful oneness energy & Neptune is sparking a massive spiritual awakening. We are seeing this with Canada and the amazing Trucker’s Convoy occurring at the same time that Canada is having its own Jupiter Return. The cosmos are divinely precise in their energy.

So what does this all mean? The Capricorn convoy is taking us through the obstacle course one more time, the last and final leg of the race. We are tired, exhausted, and feeling hopeless . We feel like the tests will never end and we don’t know if we have the strength to finish the race. This is the immense test of determination, tenacity, and strength that Capricorn is teaching us. Venus, Mercury & Mars took us through one final hurdle and we felt like we barely made it out alive. This has prepared us for the Pluto Return on 2/22 where our lives will be forever altered, and the cosmos is making sure that we are still standing.

The Aquarian energies that are now being ignited by the New Moon and Uranus in Taurus are calling for us now to break out of the shackles of the illusion, to finally end our own slavery & liberate ourselves. It is time for Humanity to claim FREEDOM. Yet, we had to learn to understand the rules and follow them before we could break them. We had to learn to play the game of 3D, to learn patience, perseverance, inner strength, and dedication. We played by the rules of the illusion because that is what it took to get to this point. Now we can claim our sovereignty and say FUCK your rules. FUCK your systems and FUCK your control. We, Humanity, are divine aspects of Source…and we cannot be contained.

All must pass through the fires of initiation in order to accept the gift of ascension. Without passing through these fires, one could not maintain the fortitude it requires, the discipline it requires, and the dedication it requires to anchor in their divine self and to lead humanity. Without these tests, one could not accept ascension without entitlement or arrogance. The fires of purification must be embraced and surrendered to. Prime Source Creator herself will ensure that each of her children fulfills their divine destiny. Our destiny is freedom.


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