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1010 portal

Today is the 1010 portal. It is an energetic opening where we can connect and receive new light codes and downloads from the Universe, the energy of creation.

On the tenth day of the tenth month we have the 1010 portal. We are receiving the energy of this powerful portal into the planetary and individual systems for a few days now. It is the reason for more ascension symptoms and tiredness.

This portal represents the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. We might just say the beginning of a new era. The energy is really powerful right now and we can feel this sense of great change, leveling up, moving forward, stepping into our power. Our DNA is being upgraded, activated. It can cause tingles within the body, itchy skin. We are able to live in a 5th dimensional kind of way in the physical life more and more. We will be able to jump timeliness because of all the energy, knowledge, information we are receiving right now. This is a portal of rebirth.

Number 10 has the vibration of optimism, positivity, it brings new beginnings, confidence, independence, creativity, success, determination, motivation, individuality, but also nothingness, infinity, oneness, the energy of creation.

We are invited to open up to the unknown, receive the light codes and downloads that are coming in right now and create the life we desire. Really do it, not just think or dream about it. No more waiting for someone from the outside to do it for you as you are the one. we are going through an important expansion right now.

Receiving high frequency energy from the universe, source energy into our systems - planetary and personal systems. We are shifting into a new reality where we can be more who we truly are, speak our truth, set boundaries, love ourselves more and meet others on that higher level of awareness and understanding of the world within and around us and the connections with others. We will even jump timelines.

Some amazingly powerful days are in front of us. The universe is bringing some magic into our lives. Open up to receive and take care of your physical body. Enjoy!



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