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humanitarian projects

This page is dedicated to all of our Humanitarian + passion projects. We have collaborated with beings all over the Planet on these projects + put our heart and soul into each of them.  Our mission is to unite Humanity through co-creation, collaboration + service. 

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Mother Earth's crystal schools

Higher Consciousness Education

Our Mother Earth's Crystal Schools is a passion project that is very near to our heart. Our vision is to bring higher consciousness education to all of Humanity through a new way of learning + teaching. Our crystal schools are dedicated to the Crystal Children of New Earth as well as all parents, teachers + caretakers. The Crystal Schools are based on Universal Law, Right Action, Right Brain Learning, and Play. 

New Earth Transitionary 


Leading the Transition to New Earth

The NETG is a Humanitarian project to unite the leaders of the New Earth, together as one. The NETG is a council of leaders from across the world who are committed to leading by example, collaborating, innovating, + co-creating on solutions and ideas for transitioning the 3D system to the 5D system. Our network of leaders share experiences, skills, knowledge + wisdoms for others to learn from. 

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Givers Gathering Co-Op (1).png

Givers Gathering Co-op

Creating 5D Community 

Our Givers Gathering Co-Op was created to help connect people from all over the world in finding their tribe, connecting with other like-hearted souls, and bringing people together to start forming New Earth communities, hosting 5D events, and gatherings in local areas. Our dream is to assist all of Humanity in finding their tribe + soul family and to begin connecting through love and unity consciousness in building the New Earth. This platform will also feature resources + guides to assist others in tips for communal living, DIY building, etc.

True reali-tea tv productions

Revolutionizing Truth in Media

At True Reali-Tea TV, we live outside the confines and limitations of the mind. We believe it is time to break the mold and create media productions that empower individuals to question who they truly are and why they exist. We invite you to join us on a journey of awakening, as we disrupt the status quo and challenge society's norms.


Our mission is simple: to provide groundbreaking content that sparks introspection and delivers a much-needed wake-up call. We are committed to delivering productions that encourage deep reflection, allowing you to take a fearless look within. It is through this introspection that we trust true spiritual ascension and transformation can occur.

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