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You are the answer to your prayers - BE THE CHANGE!

By: Ramona Lappin

POW TO THE WOW ENERGIES on this auspicious 6-6 Gateway!! The solar winds of the last few days have calmed down for now but 'spaceweather' are expecting another amplification over the coming days! We're experiencing Schuhmann Resonance spikes for the past few days too. We're being bathed in solar and inter-dimensional plasma waves that are clearing our Conscioussness and vessels of any remaining distortions, blocks, reversals, old/ false belief systems/ programs and thought patterns as the new Operating System takes over. Our subconscious is being reprogrammed/ re-encrypted and so is our entire Blueprint, for this that have chosen this.

Our central nervous system has been receiving much healing and many can feel a profound transformation at a deep level. We are less reactive, judgements dissolve as we take a step back and truly listen to others, the fight and flight response dissipates! We feel more and more balanced, more peaceful, content and blissful as we continue to navigate these waves of powerful energies, raising the Collective Consciousness as ONE. We deepen into the Zero Point Field of Neutrality, Divine Love, NOW, in NO-TIME!